Paragliding Coastline

Paragliding Coastline

The coast of Souss-Massa is home to wonders with a reputation that extends beyond the Kingdom’s borders. Beautiful heavenly beaches, with a variety of activities to enjoy. Interested in having a fantastic adrenaline-pumping experience? let yourself be amazed by the beauty of coastal paragliding! You will fly over a wild nature with many aspects, while being carried by the sea breeze, you will witness magnificent sunsets.

Where to do it?

The region’s paragliding hotspot lies south of Agadir for good reason, the reefs are tall and the areological conditions are ideal. The coastline is crossed by steady strong trade winds, allowing for spectacular flights along the cliffs and beaches. The best places are in Tifnit, Douira, Tamellalt, and the surrounding area of Aglou.

You may also go paragliding in Imsouane, located just north of Agadir. This fabulous surfing location is also suitable for high-quality paragliding.

Important advice

Instructors can accompany you with the necessary equipment for the adventure. The sessions are just as adaptable to trial by fire as they are somewhat considered extreme.

It should be underlined that the activity must be conducted in the company of a club or an approved instructor. If you want to fly alone, you must first obtain an authorization, following the requirements explained in the following link:

During the paragliding season, the areas get crowded. As a result, you must prioritize and ensure that you are familiar with your landing zone ahead of time.


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