The Folklore of Souss-Massa


The vast territory of the Souss-Massa Region is rich in cultural diversity and intangible heritage, including dance, poetry, songs, and music. Since the dawn of time, these ancient arts, shaped by history and human relationships, have glorified life, spirituality, passions, and whims of nature. Artistic expressions that carry the soul of the Region’s tribes, each of which has been able to build its unique choreographic and lyrical codes over generations.

Folklore as diverse as it is captivating, is to be discovered, especially during celebrations and moussems. Below are some examples:

Rways’ arts

Amarg n’Rways is a centuries-old cultural technique that blends music, singing, and even dance, all embellished with meaningful poetry of amazing variation. The troupe is led by a Raïs, who must be a skilled poet, performer, and composer.


He leads the group in a beautiful symphony of Naqus and Bendir percussion, lyrical songs, and Lutar melodies, using his monochord Ribab. Several other instruments are now added to this sound combination, giving it a modern musical style while preserving its originality.


The issues addressed by the Rways and Tarrwayssin poems are diverse and vary according to the occasion: The verses/lyrics might be profane and preach the good word, social and religious, or love and passion.

Ahwach in all its forms

The Ahwach dance, accompanied by vibrant drumming, is performed by two groups, usually men and women, who devote themselves to an amazing performance in which individual’s and group’s music, dance, and poetry alternate marvelously. A true poetic duel, led by Anaddam, the leading poet, who starts the exchanges and intervenes to keep the performance going.


The Naqus and big tambourines called Allun and Ganga provide the rhythm, while a metallic flute with high tones called Talâouwadt provides the melody. The dancers and musicians are always dressed elegantly and shimmeringly in Louban necklaces and silver jewelry and daggers.


Thus, Ahwach is a cultural, social, and artistic expression that lightens up night events and celebrations in all of Souss-Massa’s areas, each of which has developed its unique style. There are various types, including:

  • Tissint’s Ahwach and its nostalgic melodies,
  • Ahwach Tiâalyin which is performed primarily by young girls in Tiznit,
  • Ahwach from Tiout and Taliouine, carried by Mizane Houara,
  • Ajmak from Chtouka Ait Baha, the acrobatic Ahwach,
  • Taskiwin, Taroudant’s martial dance named after the beautiful decorative horns worn by the dancers,
  • Ahyad, the Ahwach of the coast, is especially common in Haha and Massa and was previously associated with the military domain. 

Other Experiences