Local Products in Souss Massa


Souss-Massa is well-known for its gastronomy and crafts, as well as its products. These items, obtained through ancestral processes, reflect both tangible and intangible history that is deeply rooted in the people’s identity. Because of their wonderful flavor, smell, and therapeutic potential, Souss-Massa products can be used for cuisine, cosmetics, alternative medicine, aesthetics, or all of the above!

Here is a selection of six things to sample and acquire during your stay in Souss-Massa from a large range of a thousand colors and scents.


Argan oil is a golden and slightly sweet oil extracted from the argan tree, an endemic tree of Souss-Massa. It is served with bread and used to enhance the flavors of other meals. In addition to the culinary variety, cosmetic Argan oil, soaps, lotions, and shampoos are also marketed. Argan production is concentrated in the Argan tree Biosphere Reserve, which covers the Region’s borders and neighboring provinces.


Amlou, a wonderful blend of almonds, Argan, and honey, is one of the Region’s landmarks. Creamy and nutritious spread that goes well with breakfasts and snacks, as well as certain dishes like Berkouks or Tagoula. In addition to the Amlou original recipe; chocolate, sesame, and pistachio Amlou are also produced. It’s available in the big souks and organic shops, but the best Amlou is the rural cooperatives’s.


Saffron, sometimes known as red gold, is a refined spice with a dark ocher hue, an exciting odor, and a distinct flavor. Furthermore, Saffron has great nutritional value as well as therapeutic properties. Its production requires a precise ancestral method, which may be discovered in the spice stronghold of Taliouine.


Souss-Massa is a national reference for beekeeping due to its abundant and diverse flora. Quality honey is produced there, with types that correspond to foraging environment: Citrus honey from the Souss plain; High Atlas honey of thyme, thuja, and all kind of flowers; Anti-Atlas honey of euphorbia, carob, or eucalyptus… Honey, a popular condiment, is also a traditional cure with various, sometimes mystical benefits.

Aromatic plants

Rosemary, thyme, lavender, jasmine, verbena, geranium, mint, and other plants are on Souss-Massa’s list of therapeutic plants which are as numerous as kinds of honey. These plants grow in the High Atlas mountains, the Anti-Atlas oases, and the Taroudannt region, and are used in cooking, traditional medicine, and even cosmetics. They can be purchased fresh, dried, or as essential oils.


Oudi (Ghee), a traditional butter, is frequently eaten with bread and when mixed with honey, it forms an explosive flavor duo. Oudi is cooked based on an ancestral recipe, which gives it its creamy texture and distinct flavor. It can also be flavored with thyme. It is also used to sprinkle & smoothen the porridges.



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