Sports Activities in Souss-Massa


Souss-Massa, a land rich in culture, traditions, and breathtaking natural landscapes, is also an excellent location for a variety of sports. From the Atlantic coast to the diverse landscapes, the Region’s area is full of spots for extreme sports, golf courses, trekking trails, sport fishing spots, and so on. Furthermore, each location is surrounded by beautiful scenery and nice climate.

Golf all year round!

The golf clubs in the Souss-Massa Region are located around the mouth of the Oued Souss, 15 minutes from downtown Agadir, and around Inzegane. Golf lovers and beginners will follow the courses in the middle of steep fairways and reservoirs, cooled by the Atlantic breeze. Each club has several 9-hole courses and provides golfers with all of the facilities they need for an unforgettable game!

Taghazout, 20 kilometers to the north, is also home to an outstanding Golf Club with a spectacular view of the bay.

Surfing and extreme sports

The Souss-Massa coast is famous worldwide for the quality of its waves, extraordinary swells, and the beauty of its beaches and bays. Its surf areas are therefore among the best in the Kingdom, and they are also numerous. The spots are close to each other, yet they are not alike, whether in the south or the north of Agadir!

Other than surfing, the beaches and bays of Souss-Massa are ideal for scuba diving, paragliding, paddleboarding, and jet skiing.


The Tafraoute massifs are excellent for challenging trekking sessions. Hikers will find satisfaction ascending high mountains that offer spectacular views of the surrounding valleys, whether at Jbel Taskra, Jbel Lkest, or the spectacular granites of Aguerd Oudad.

Mesguina is a hiking destination in the Region’s far north, around 30 kilometers from Agadir. The region has more accessible courses than Tafraoute, and its reasonably easy mountains will allow hikers of all skill levels to travel there.

It should be mentioned that it is necessary to hire a hiking guide because the mountains can be tough to navigate through sometimes.

Sport Fishing

The Souss-Massa Region also has several Black Bass sport fishing spots. The water bodies, which are surrounded by diverse landscapes, are home to large numbers of Black Bass, as well as the largest specimens in Morocco.


The activity is mainly authorized at the lakes of Tamri’s Moulay Abdellah dam, Taroudant’s Abdelmoumen Mouahidi, Ait Baha’s Ahl Souss, and Tiznit’s Youssef Ben Tachfine. Black Bass fishing is subject to No-Kill regulations.

Cycling and mountain biking (VTT)

Souss-Massa has various cycling and mountain biking routs due to the diversity of its natural landscapes. You can plan raids/trips by crossing through the reliefs of the Anti-Atlas or High-Atlas foothills, or you can relax in the valleys of Tifnoute, Ait Mansour, or even Ammeln.


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