Handicrafts in Souss Massa


Handicrafts in Souss Massa, like everywhere else in Morocco, represent the depth and significance of the people’s cultural history. Handicrafts are strongly related to customs and lifestyles, and it comprises a wide range of handmade trades. Souss Massa’s craftsmen & women are distinguished by the constant evolution of their creativity and skill, which they pass down through generations with passion and enthusiasm.


By visiting the Region’s craft centers & shops, you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of beautiful handicrafts described below.

Make your interior design delightful

In a meditative environment, women carefully create one-of-a-kind creations that flawlessly mix aesthetics and utility: carpets of all sorts, djellabas, Ihaykn woolen fabrics, belts, shawls… Although they are available throughout Souss Massa, woven products are most commonly seen in Taroudannt, Tiznit, and Tata.


The leaves of palm trees and the stems of rushes are woven into exquisite and resistant objects in the Massa region. Skilled hands twist the fibers for hours to form baskets, shopping bags, tablecloths, hats, and even shoes. They are frequently embellished with brilliant geometric patterns, an aesthetic touch, and the craftswoman’s signature at work.


While in Tata’s oases, the ancestral craft of pottery dominates, combining both business and pleasure. From tajines to beautifully colored pots, to decorative objects of various sizes, the products created are all of exceptional beauty and unquestionable quality.

A refined accessory

Tiznit is the main source of silverware in Souss Massa, followed by Taroudant and Agadir. Skilled craftsmen, precise and skillful, make various kinds of jewelry and accessories in enameled silver. The options range from modern designs to ancestral Tazra and Tazerzite. The Loubane necklaces, which have translucent ocher stones, are fascinating with their colors and variations.


You will be able to find new slippers: the Idoukan, not only in Tiznit but also in Tafraout and Chtouka Ait Baha. These slippers are round at the front, rather than pointy which can be found in other places.

Because of a leather tab that covers the back of the foot, they can be worn as slippers or as shoes. They are usually yellow or red and are beautifully decorated.

Where to find them?

Handicraft will be noticeable throughout your visit to Souss Massa, whether in modest stores located in the mountains or in vast urban centers/markets. However, the following are the main places:


  • In Agadir: Souk El Had and the Talborjt Crafts Complex, 
  • In Taroudant: The Craft Complex and the Medina
  • In Tata: The Craft Villages of Argana and Foum Zguid, as well as the Tata Craft Complex,
  • In Tiznit: El Mechouar Square and the Center Crafts Complex
  • In Ait Baha: The Municipal Market

Other Experiences