Trekking in the Mountains of Souss-Massa

Trekking in the Mountains of Souss-Massa

The vast region of Souss-Massa is known around the world for the diversity of its basic elements, which include green plains, beautiful coastline, desert plateaus, and dangerous, yet adventurous massifs. The latter are part of the spectacular High Atlas and Anti-Atlas Mountains, which allow for trekking and hiking activities.

If you are in quest of self-improvement, follow the steep trails crossing the beautiful landscapes. An enjoyable getaway that requires meticulous planning ahead of time and strict adherence throughout the trip.

From north to south of the Region, here is a selection of the best massifs to explore:

Adrar n’dern

The range of mountains, located in the Toubkal National Park north of Taroudant, offers one of the best High Atlas to hike.

  • Altitude: 3.627m
  • Position: 31.06853, -7.77300

Jbel Siroua

Jbel Siroua, a volcanic peak with a lunar appearance, lies between the High Atlas and Saharan landscapes. It provides multi-day excursions through green mountain pastures, parched plateaus, and rocky foothills.

  • Altitude: 3304m
  • Position: 30.74246, -7.61363

Jbel Aklim

Jbel Aklim, on the other side of the Souss plain near Igherm, is one of the Anti-Atlas’ tallest massifs. The summit provides a spectacular view of Jbel Siroua (Siroua Mountain) and the wide plain separating the High and Anti-Atlas.

  • Altitude: 2531m
  • Position: 30.123581, -8.284200

Jbel Lkest

Jbel Lkest (Lkest Mountain), the natural border between Achtouken and Ammeln, forms the backbone of the Eastern Anti-Atlas. Generally, it is a granite massif, with eroded rocks and steep rockslides.

  • Altitude: 2539m
  • Position: 29.79815, -9.03472

Jbel Adad Medni

The Jbel Adad Medni (Adad Medni Mountain) is the lowest summit on this list. Above all, It is a remarkable mountain with its challenging paths and panoramic views. Ajgal, the incredibly uncommon dragon tree, can be seen at the summit, in addition to the amazing views over the Souss plain.

  • Altitude: 1470m
  • Position: 29.767168, -9.248579

Jbel Bani

Precisely called the Bani Drâa Geopark, it extends to the farthest south of Souss-Massa, between the Anti-Atlas and the Sahara. The mountain range is overlapped by gorges formed by the Oued Drâa’s streams, and it is home to plenty of Arcadian Oases (Tata, Tissint, Foum Zguid, Akka, …). 

Useful information

  • For Trekking/hiking, it is strongly advised to find qualified trained guides.
  • Consider the fragility of ecosystems.
  • Some trips/excursions pass through rural villages; please respect the privacy of the locals.
  • Consider the weather; some trips/excursions run through dry river beds, which can suddenly fill up during bad weather.
  • Adequate and comfortable clothing is required.
  • Consider the following items for the trek: a walking cane, maps, a headlamp and batteries, a rescue blanket, water bottle & filters …
  • Bags: a lightweight, high-capacity backpack, a flexible travel bag without wheels, a sleeping bag and tent.
  • Take a rain jacket on one-day treks during the winter and autumn.
  • Consider the following items: anti-theft pack, electrical plug adapter, lighter, toilet paper, spare laces, and knife.

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