Well-Being in Souss-Massa


Souss-Massa, in addition to cultural, architectural, and coastal attractions, provides numerous possibilities to rest and care for one’s body and mind. Enhanced by the Region’s natural wealth and landscapes, many therapeutic and aesthetic experiences are available to you, from which you will emerge with a new skin!

The Traditional Ritual of Hammam

The Hammam routine, which moisturizes, repairs, and remineralizes the skin, is an ancestral tradition passed down through generations all over Morocco. Unlike its Turkish version, the Moroccan Hammam uses dry heat that is diffused through the building’s floor and walls. The ritual, which is both a true experience and a moment of escape, is divided into various stages:

    • Sweating is a moist heat bath that opens the pores of the skin and helps the body expel toxins. The stage lasts 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your endurance!
    • Soaping is the application of traditional black soap all over the body as a mask to soften the skin and inflate dead cells for better exfoliation. Savon Beldi (Beldi Soap) is a vegetable paste prepared from black olive pulp that has been perfumed with eucalyptus or rose water. Pink crystal masks and pink clay as well as Argan shell masks are also used.
    • Kisse, a Hammam glove of crepe, is used for exfoliation. Thinner gloves are preferable for sensitive skin. Exfoliation should be avoided after a day in the sun to avoid skin irritation.
    • Ghassoul, a volcanic clay rich in minerals trace, is wrapped with cosmetic Argan. The mixture is also used to add luster and shine to the hair. Ghassoul can be made with aromatic or medicinal plants, as well as lavandin if desired.
    • You finish the bath with a warm massage with argan oil. Argan oil, whether plain or scented with essential oils, allows for a relaxing and curative body massage.

When you come out of the bath, you’ll be served a refreshing mint and thyme tea. After a long and wonderful session, it revitalizes the body and balances its temperature.

Between Thalassotherapy and Local

Agadir’s hotels, particularly those by the sea, are world-renowned for their balneotherapy centers. And for good reason: the pools are fed directly by the Atlantic, which is only a few meters away, and therefore provides unequalled thalassotherapy sessions. Thalassotherapy, which can be used to treat or prevent muscle tiredness, tension, insomnia, back pain, and even osteoarthritis, provides calm, energy, radiance, and recovery. These remarkable properties are due to the minerals and vitamins found in seawater, which are necessary for the body’s health.


If you want such treatments and massages, there are numerous sophisticated Spas and Hammams to choose from. Argan oil massages, Ghassoul and Tazegmout treatments, honey and royal jelly masks, detox herbal drinks with thyme and rosemary, and other local items are all popular. Some places also provide mud baths and Hijama-cupping massages.


Other Experiences