A Weekend Getaway to Paradise Valley


This trip will take you to Paradise Valley, a peaceful sanctuary with cool natural pools surrounded by palm trees and gorgeous mountains, about 35 kilometers from Agadir. It is an ideal place for sunbathing and relaxing. Afterwards, you can go sandboarding on the dunes.


This tour is divided into three steps, and you will need a weekend to explore all of the marvels of this place.


Step 1

Take the honey road north of Agadir to Paradise Valley. Once there, take your time viewing the beauty and exploring the area before jumping into the valley’s cool waters. It is a part of the Tamraght river valley with rocky pools and small waterfalls.


Step 2

After being well rested, it’s time for an adrenaline-pumping exercise in the afternoon. Take a 1.5-hour trip from Paradise Valley to the Taboga Sand Dunes for some sandboarding, where you will enjoy the cool seaside air and the sensation of speeding down the dunes.


Step 3

There is another area for you to make lasting memories and have even more fun after Saturday’s sandboarding. You will arrive in Timlalin after one hour of driving, passing through other towns along the road, including the surf and banana villages. Enjoy the same activity but with a different setting, twists, and unforgettable adventures.


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