Souss-Massa has significant economic potential based essentially on four main sectors: agriculture, fishing, agri-food industry and tourism. The service sector is also growing in scope, especially with the sentinel role assigned to the Region in recent years.


The agricultural sector is the cornerstone of economic activity in the region, despite the combination of unfavorable climatic factors. The irrigated areas are mainly located in the Souss-Massa plain, where early season vegetables and citrus fruits are the main productions. Souss-Massa is the 1st exporting region of citrus fruits and vegetables at the national level), thus offering opportunities for national and foreign investments.

Sea fishing

Fishing is one of the key sectors in the region and constitutes a wealth with a national dimension. It employs a large workforce and attracts more investments. The region has a large offshore and coastal fishing port in Agadir, in addition to a number of small disembark points reserved for small-scale fishing boats: Imessouane, Taghazoute, Aglou, Tifnit. This activity has contributed to the creation of industrial and export-oriented units related to the sector.

Tourism and Crafts

An excellent tourism region, Sous Massa is by its climate, its diversified relief, its historical and cultural heritage and its extensive beaches, a privileged international destination and the first at the national level for beach experience. The tourism sector has significant reception and accommodation facilities in Souss Massa. Craftsmanship is an additional asset to the regional tourism industry and a real support for employment, especially since it generates foreign currency income. Among its products are leather goods, pottery, jewelry, cabinetmaking, tapestry and basketry.


The industrial sector plays an important role in economic and social development at both national and regional levels. It occupies an increasingly important position in the economy of the region. It essentially concerns the process industries, in particular the agro-food, chemical and para-chemical industries. 

Last but not least, the Region offers great investment opportunities in the mining sector. Its subsoil contains various minerals: silver, manganese, barite, iron and gold.