A Package of Sensations on The Coast of Souss-Massa

A Package of Sensations on The Coast of Souss-Massa

Souss-Massa beaches provide a variety of wonderful & diverse activities. You can relax and enjoy the atmosphere in the beautiful beach while experiencing thrilling moments under the bright sun.

Here are three activities to try during your vacation in the Souss-Massa coast:

Jet Ski

Set off on a breathtaking ride on the beach, cutting through the edge of the sea in powerful watercrafts! The waves will spice up the experience by making it more challenging. The salty water will refresh you after a nice burst of speed. Depending on your skill level, you can also go waterskiing.

Jet skiing is popular in Agadir, Taghazout, Imi Ouaddar, Aghroud, and Aglou. On-site, the service is provided by a variety of professionals.


The tremendous water pressure on board a jet pack allows you to fly high several meters above the sea. It will allow to explore the area like a superhero, performing acrobatics and incredible moves. Undoubtedly, the pictures and videos you will get from this experience will be among the best for the rest of your life! 

This activity can be experienced at Agadir, Tamraght, and Taghazout beaches.


Would you rather enjoy a quiet sea walk while sliding on the waves? If so, paddleboarding is the best activity for you. This sport involves paddling off the coast on a special board. You can lay down on the board to better feel the ocean; Standing on it allows you to enjoy the panoramic views of the region from the middle of the sea. 

Paddleboarding is mostly performed in calm seas. Therefore, paddleboarding equipment may be found at Agadir, Tamraght, Taghazout, and Imi Ouaddar. You can also select your spot of choice along the coast. It is always recommended to learn everything you can about the waves and the state of the sea beforehand.


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