Discover the surf spots of Souss Massa


Visitors to the Souss Massa region will find wonderful surf places where they can learn to surf or test their skills as expert surfers. The Souss Massa surf spots are listed below, along with information on what makes each site distinctive and unique.

Killer Point

Killer Point got its name from a group of killer whales that were occasionally seen in that spot. It is probably Taghazout’s most consistent point break. It is a relatively exposed point break with consistent waves. Winter is the best season to surf in this area since the wind blows from the east and there is significant protection from northerly winds. Bottom swells generate the majority of the waves here, and the optimum swell direction is to the northwest. Surfing is accessible at all tides, and this location is rarely crowded.

Anchor Point

This is the most famous wave in Morocco, and for a good reason. This spot is rarely crowded and is quite consistent. When there is a lot of surf coming from the northwest, the wave then reaches its peak. Beyond 2 meters, the wave requires full attention due to the massive amount of water and power generated. If you were fortunate enough to catch a wave, the journey back to the ridge becomes difficult.

Desert Point

Desert Point is ideal for those of all skill level. Desert Point is a reasonably exposed point break with steady surf. Winter is the best time to surf here. Southeast winds are blowing offshore. The finest swell direction is northwest, and bottom waves are common. Exercising caution is urged hence the area is sometimes crowded.

Banana Point

“On the N1 road, the seaside route, 15 kilometers south from Agadir, heading towards Essaouira.” The location offers a nice straight point that is suitable for all skill levels. It is an enjoyable wave to ride up to 2 meters in height, making it a good training wave. Beyond 2 meters, it’s a superb wave for advanced surfers, with a powerful right angle that guarantees spectacular sessions and long waves.


This site, located 35 kilometers from Agadir, is only for skilled surfers. The region features a breathtaking right-angle wave that takes place on a reef. The location was named after a shipwreck and its ancient kettle. Since the waves are large and on the right side of the reef, this site is only for experienced surfers. Wearing surf boots is recommended to avoid injury from sea urchins.


This 14-kilometer-long site is perfect for beginners. It is popular beach for surf schools and a reminiscing and relaxing place to watch camels. This spot is known for its numerous peaks.

Devil’s Rock

Aourir, not far from the Banana Village, is an amazing surfing spot for all skill levels. Surfing is possible at all tides, especially when the waves are big. A little cliff nearby offers a lovely view of the surrounding landscapes. The beautiful area has a small secluded cove. Surf schools visit the area on a regular basis.

Hash Point

This intermediate-level surf area is located near the surf town of Taghazout. The west side is popular among long-boarders and intermediate surfers. The surf zone is rarely crowded.

Drakula Point

This location is suited for experienced travelers and is located in Tamri, north of Taghazout. This place was named because the rocks resemble vampire’s teeth. Since the location is exposed to the waves, it is perfect for advanced surfers.

Imsouane Cathedrale Point

A nice place located near the cliffs and in front of the river’s local homes on the right, which makes easy to reach the top. This exposed beach break in southern Morocco has high steady waves all year around. The spot is well-known for its left-side waves and is quite uncrowded.

Panorama Point

Panorama is a beginner-friendly surf spot. Another great beach for first-time visitors. This location works nicely when the swells are big, and the waves are medium. The rocky point at the beach’s northern end can create some good straights.

Located a few kilometers from Tiznit, this quit spot is recommended for experienced surfers. Sidi Moussa D’Aglou beach is located in the south of Morocco. This surf spot is a fairly exposed reef that offers consistent surfing and can work at any time of the year. The spot offers a choice of left and right reefs. Even when there are waves, it is not crowded. Be careful with rocks and fishing lines.

Sidi Rbat

The Souss Massa National Park and the mouth of the Oued Massa (Massa River) are nearby. This exposed river break in southern Morocco has very steady surf that may be ridden at any time of the year. This location is perfect for surfing at all tides and is rarely crowded.


This open and frequently consistent site on Tifnit’s lovely beach is recommended for advanced surfers. Tifnit, located in southern Morocco, is an exposed beach break that provides steady surf all year around. Offshore, southeast winds are blowing. Even when the waves are high, the beach is rarely populated. Sharks are one of the possible dangers.


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