Bird Watching at Souss Massa’s National Park

Bird Watching at Souss Massa’s National Park

The vast territory of the Souss Massa National Park is famous for the diversity of its fauna and flora, from the Souss river mouth (Oued Souss) to that of Massa river (Oued Massa). Birds, in particular, stand out in terms of population size and species diversity.

With binoculars around your neck and a notebook in your hand, set off to explore magnificent landscapes in quest of the rarest specimens.

The Mouth of the Souss river (Oued Souss)

The Souss river mouth is located 10 kilometers from Agadir, in the town of Inzegane, at the northern edge of the Souss Massa National Park. The area where the river meets the ocean is exceptionally rich with invertebrates and crustaceans, which migratory birds feed on. Depending on the season, you can observe/watch different birds including black-winged stilts, redshanks, lesser black-backed gulls, black-headed gulls, and even pink flamingos.

The site is also ideal for walks and is accessible by bike directly from the N10 road from Agadir to Inzegane.

The Mouth of Massa River (Oued Massa)

On the other side of the Park, 45 kilometers south of Agadir, the mouth of Massa river (Oued Massa) is a popular birdwatching spot among amateurs and experts. The area is spread between the villages of Sidi R’bat and Zaouiat Massa, and includes an organized ornithological tour, a parking spot, marked observation locations, information panels, and rest spaces. The bald ibis is the star of the site, with rare groups living on the cliffs around the river mouth. To visit the mouth of Oued Souss, and other sites in the Souss-Massa National Park, a request to the responsible authority is required.

The Park also allows you to watch other species, including a huge number of migratory birds, whether on shore or inland including but not limited to Flamingos, Spoonbills, Eurasian Whimbrels, Herons, Typical Plovers (Charadrius), Partridges, Sanderlings, etc.


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