Hunting in the Hinterland of Taroudant

Hunting in the Hinterland of Taroudant

The Taroudant hinterland, located halfway between the Anti-Atlas and the Souss plain, is endowed with a natural environment rich in fauna and flora. Awe-inspiring landscapes, sometimes steep but accessible, rank high among Morocco’s small game hunting areas.

Here are the top three hunting adventures awaiting you:

Wild boar

Wild boar hunting is done exclusively by battue or driven hunt. Since the population in the hunting area is considerable, it is common to have more than 30 wild boars daily. The best hunting season is from October to July, and you can go hunting every day except on Friday.


The partridges are difficult to hunt since they are stealthy and zigzagging. Hunting is frequently done by battue or driven hunt, particularly during October and March. It is authorized all week long, with 5 daily partridges allowed per hunter.

Turtle dove

Turtle doves, which are abundant in the area, are also quite popular. With its quick and unpredictable flight. Dove hunting is an excellent sport which will put your shooting skills to the test. Hunting takes place from mid-July to the beginning of September.

Hunting seasons are subject to strict regulations. Visit the Royal Moroccan Hunting Federation’s website at for additional information.


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