Around Taroudant

Taroudannt – Iguiliz - Tioute

Taroudant, located in the middle of the Souss Valley and on the edge of the last southern foothills of the High Atlas, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the Kingdom. Known as “Little Marrakech”, it is surrounded by nature, with stunning and diverse landscapes, making it a must-see sight. Discover a fascinating land during a two-day’s journey.

Day 1

Boucle Taroudannt - Iguiliz

  • Journey: 1h30/ 60Km 
  • Activities: Road-trip / Oasis / Trekking / Archeology Sites

The road will take you to the town of Larbaa Magnoune after crossing the first reliefs of the Anti-Atlas to the east of Taroudant. Step out of the car, gather your belongings, and walk to the fortress of Iguiliz. The archaeological site, which contains Middle Ages remains, is positioned at 1354m above sea level and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding valleys and hills.

After exploring and taking pictures, return to the starting village and view the oasis that extends to Tamgounsa. Under the shade of palm trees, you will pass through thyme and lavender fields full of argan and fig trees. An idyllic place to reconnect with nature and enjoy a wonderful picnic.

End the day in Taroudant by riding a horse-drawn carriage around the medina’s ramparts.

Day 2

Tioute – Claudio Bravo Museum

  • Journey: 30Km / 40min 
  • Activities: Strolling / Wild Oasis / Medina 

After a delicious traditional breakfast, head to the Oasis of Tioute in the early morning. The oasis, located in an arid environment, is a beautiful green maze of cereal fields, fruit trees, and wild palm trees.

Take a tour through the gardens, either on foot or on the back of a mule, following the irrigation canals to the heart of the gardens. Then proceed to the Kasbah, which overlooks the oasis and has a traditional restaurant. This is the ideal setting for sampling delicious local dishes while enjoying the stunning view of the oasis and the hills that surround the valley.

In the afternoon, pay a visit to the legendary Chilean painter Claudio Bravo’s famous museum. The locations at the foot of the High Atlas, 8 kilometers from Taroudant, take you on a cultural tour between hyperrealism and tradition.


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