Foum Zguid, The Gate to The Desert

The Gate to The Desert

Foum Zguid, 140 kilometers east of Tata, is a beautiful village that serves as the main starting point for excursions in the south of Souss Massa Region for good reason: it is located on the only easy route that allows crossing Jbel Bani, the natural border between the Anti-Atlas and the desert.

More than just a stopover, the Foum Zguid region encourages trekkers to participate in a thrilling journey and a one-of-a-kind human experience as they go through oases, dunes, and Kasbahs.

Unique Trekking for All Levels

Thanks to its diversity of nature and reliefs, the oasis of Foum Zguid offers a variety of hiking opportunities for people of all skill levels. Set out on foot to discover the charms of the oasis beside the Tamantt River. If you’re quite athletic, ride a VTT (mountain-bike) and explore the accessible trails to reach the kasbahs located over the village’s borders. The adventures ones might choose a 4X4 excursion to reach the most remote areas and visit dunes, archaeological sites, and historical monuments. If you’re looking for intense thrills, go on a buggy or quad ride across an African savannah environment.

Hiring a local guide will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. The guide will be able to direct you to the best destinations and equip you with everything you need to have a great time.

At night, you’ll have the option of bivouacking under the stars or staying with the locals in one of the region’s kasbahs. You can also take this experience to the next level by living like a nomad. If you are looking for extra comfort after a long day of hiking, the city of Foum Zguid has a large selection of accommodation facilities.

A colorful human experience

Because of its importance as a stopover for trans-Saharan caravans, the Foum Zguid region has seen tremendous human activity from the dawn of time. This activity has provided it with a diverse and complex civilizational legacy, blending Amazigh, Arab, Jewish, and Sub-Saharan civilizations. A combination that resulted in magnificent craftsmanship as well as exclusive and indigenous customs.

Discover these treasures by visiting the shops under the arcades of the village, and experience an emotional human experience with the locals known for their kindness and generosity. Don’t forget to support local artisans by purchasing souvenirs like wool carpets, Lganaa shawls, or exquisite basketry goods.

Did you know?

Foum Zguid in one of the toughest stages on the route of the motorbike rallies that pass through the region. The location has long been a stage of the Paris-Dakar rally, which has encouraged enthusiasts of mechanical trekking from all over the world to come and experience the strong sensations felt by the drivers of the biggest teams.


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