Sandboarding at Tamri’s Sand Dunes


Sandboarding is a great adventurous activity to do while in Agadir! what makes this sport unique in this region is the experience of surfing on the sands of a small hidden desert, while enjoying the breathtaking views of the ocean.   

Sandboarding is a sport that combines surfing and snowboarding. It involves sliding down dunes on a suitable board. The dunes of Tamri, located less than two hours north of Agadir and 30 minutes from Imessouane, are not only great for sand sports but also for nature and picnic lovers.


The best way to spend a few hours “shredding the sand dunes” is to book a trip with a tour operator. Many agencies provide skiing or sandboarding as a stand-alone activity or as part of an expedition in the province of Agadir Ida-outanane.

How to get there?

After a two-hour trip along the coast, passing through several communities, including the surfer’s village (Taghazout) and the banana village (Tamri), you will arrive at the Taboga dunes, where your sandboarding adventure begins.


the surroundings