Tissint, the Oasis of Salt

Tissint, the Oasis of Salt

Tissint, halfway between Tata and Foum Zguid, sits quietly in a gorgeous palm grove near the Sahara’s entrance. The environment here is worthy of a science fiction setting, with water sources and flora on one hand and dunes and arid plateaus on the other.


A true green exception in a lunar environment, the oasis and its surroundings contain many attractions to discover: ancestral architecture, natural wonders, authentic culture, breathtaking landscapes, exceptional bivouacs… These assets make Tissint an essential stop during your stay in Tata, especially as the places are easily accessible by the national road.

Tissint, a multi-colour patchwork

Tissint is a contrasting and diverse place that gives rise to breathtaking landscapes everywhere. Authentic town, centuries-old Kasbah, splendid palm grove, desert plateau…

Begin by wandering the secular kasbah’s intertwined alleys and contemplating its ramparts and structures. These remnants are extremely beautiful, but they are also fragile. It is therefore advisable to remain cautious and hire on a local guide for a more secure visit.

You can also see the house where Charles de Foucauld lived at the end of the 19th century during his expedition to Morocco.

Then, proceed to the well-known Attiq waterfalls, a must-see tourist destination. These waterfalls, which are fairly near the village, form weirs that feed the palm grove. They are also recognized for their salt water, which is known for its curative properties. Set up for a picnic on a lovely rocky basin shaded by palm trees and relaxed by the rhythm of the waterfalls, and enjoy the tranquility of the location.

Akka n’Ait Sidi

Akka n’Ait Sidi, located a few minutes from Tissint, is a beautiful spot on the banks of the river with a tiny palm grove. The little oasis is bordered by large desert plateau, making it a great location for a night beneath the stars.


You can choose to stay on the plateau overlooking the palm grove and enjoy the spectacular view, or you can go inland and immerse yourself in an extraordinary Marsian-like environment. Whatever choice you make, one thing is certain: the sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking.

The Zaouïa of Akka and the foundation of the Saadian dynasty

The oasis of Akka, located southwest of Tata, is home to the Zaouia of the mystic Mohammed Ben M’Barek al Akkaoui. Solicited by the dignitaries of Souss in November 1510 to attack the Portuguese who occupy Agadir, he denied the opportunity to be appointed prince of the resistance and oriented them towards the 5 Saadian chorfas, settled in Tagmaddert, in Draa region.


The ceremony of loyalty to the new Moroccan kingdom, which freed Agadir Santa Cruz de Cap de Gué, took place in Tidsi, not far from Taroudant.

It was in Tidsi, not far from Taroudant in which the ceremony of allegiance to the new Moroccan dynasty took place; which afterwards proceeded to the liberation of Agadir Santa Cruz of Cap de Gué.

Did you know?

A meteorite was discovered near Tissint in July 2011. The conclusion comes after months of research: the meteorite is of Martian origin!


An international consortium has confirmed that the meteorite contains materials from both the depths and the surface of Mars. Tissint, the meteorite’s name, is also unusually rich in black glass and contains bubbles of gas from Mars’ atmosphere. 7kg of Tissint pieces is now worth over 3 million euros!


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