Souk El Had – The Big Market

Souk El Had – The Big Market

Souk EL Had, located in the heart of Agadir, is one of the magical sites you must see during your stay at the pearl of Souss. Souk El Had is a world-famous bazaar rich with colors and scents. Behind its majestic walls, you’ll find all kinds of things, from the most modern to the most handmade, including the famous fresh vegetable and fruit shops.


With its unique environment, Souk El Had is more than just a shopping destination. It’s an invitation to immerse yourself in a timeless sound, visual, and olfactory environment. Do you want to have a memorable shopping experience? Souk El Had is the place!

A Souk like no other

Souk El Had is considered Africa’s largest urban market. It covers more than 13 hectares and contains over 3,000 shops. It appears to be a fortress from afar, with its 6m high wall punctured by 13 big doorways. The market square is separated into numerous distinct wings, with the vegetable and fruit fair in the center.

Because of its central location, the market is easily accessible from everywhere in the city. As a result, you can get there by car, taxi (big and small), bus, or even on foot. Please keep in mind that it is closed on Mondays for weekly cleaning.

Souk EL Had successfully combines modernism and heritage. The buildings have been renovated while retaining their Amazigh character, and the tents have been replaced by businesses and commercial stalls. Nonetheless, the atmosphere remains real, and the shopping experience has grown considerably more pleasant.

Total Shopping !

Souk El Had is a popular shopping destination for both residents and visitors. Every need is met here, and suits every budget. Everything is available, including artisanal and fresh goods, clothing and accessories, technological and household goods, toys, flea markets, spices, and even books! Special mention should be made to the local products shops, which sell the famed Amlou as well as a variety of local kinds of honey, oils, and cosmetic products. 

To get the most out of the experience, come early in the morning during the week. Also, make sure you have cash on hand because the shops do not accept credit cards.

No need for a guide! As you walk the halls, listen to your instincts and explore the Souk. Don’t forget to stop for a small snack and have a hot M’semen and an exquisite fruit juice.

Did you know?

Souk El Had means Sunday Market, in commemoration of the weekly market hosted in Agadir’s old Talborjt. Souk El Had was established in the Amsernat area, near the industrial zone, after the 1960 earthquake. The Souk flourished and expanded over time, becoming a retail pioneer. Its wall is made of a modern blend of concrete and rammed earth.


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