Inzegane, the Commercial Hub

the Commercial Hub

Markets, according to tradition, are frequently found in the heart of the cities. This rule does not apply to Inzegane because it is located in the middle of multiple souks and markets. Indeed, the Prefecture of Inzegane is Morocco’s second commercial zone after Casablanca, and it is positioned as a dynamic hub that serves several Moroccan provinces as well as Sub-Saharan countries.

The city, which is only 8 kilometers from Agadir, provides a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. When you arrive in Inzegane, follow your senses through its souks and set out to discover a place rich in colors and scents, surrounded by mazes of goods of all kinds!

Tuesday Market

It is a weekly market that was hosted every Tuesday and eventually became a permanent market. The market, known as “Souk Tlat”, dates back to the 1970s and now includes about 2000 stores. Everything is available there, including fruits and vegetables, clothing, handicrafts, spices, and a variety of goods and second-hand shops. You will undoubtedly keep interesting memories and images when roaming between shops and stalls, while making fascinating purchases.


The experience continues in nearby kissariates, where the shops are more organized and well-designed. The most well-known of these kissariates is that of electronic devices, which have as many options as the famous Qriâa and Derb Ghallef in Casablanca.

Wholesale Markets

These three distinct markets have been operating since the 1960s: Fruit and Vegetable Square, Dried Fruit Square, and Cereal Square. Sellers, merchants, and buyers all meet and trade here, creating a very authentic atmosphere. These marketplaces serve the Kingdom’s other cities, as well as Mauritania, Senegal, and other West African countries.


A spontaneous choreography is not to be missed, revealing just as much the depth of the region’s art of commerce for which the region is known.

Souk Al Houria

If you want to shop in peace, Souk Al Houria is the place to go. It is a larger covered complex, newer than its neighbors, with a variety of shops and stalls. Although the environment is less fantastic, the products available are just as interesting.

The new large commercial supermarkets are: Marjane, Salam, Atacadao…

Did you know?

Inzgane’s commercial activity predates the post-earthquake of 1960. Indeed, the region has long been renowned as a caravan halt and a large-scale marketplace, both of which are mostly maintained by the Ksima tribe. Even if the remnants of the old souks have vanished with the region’s modernization, the original spirit remains, and the tradition is transmitted from generation to generation.


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