Taghazout, the seaside resort

Taghazout, the seaside resort

Taghazout has evolved from a winter surfing destination to one of the Kingdom’s most popular coastal resorts in a few years. Taghazout, located only 20 kilometers from Agadir, is above all an amazing location with various features that intrigues visitors with its mood and the beauty of its beaches.


Extravagant landscapes enclosed in an idyllic setting, with a plethora of leisure activities to satisfy everyone. So many opportunities to seize, and a wonderful setting that welcomes everyone to spend an exciting and pleasant vacation.

A single bay

The Taghazout coastline runs over 7 kilometers of magnificent beaches on the mountainside. It is surrounded by argan trees and shrubs. The location is perfectly positioned, with a warm climate and bright sunshine all year. There are two separate areas:

First of all, there is the Fishing Village with a small lagoon. 

The surf culture is dominant here, and the vibe is Zen. Its winding alleyways service the tangle of piled-up residences and lead to a lavish corniche filled with cafés and Surf shops. The Village has been renovated, but it has kept its authentic atmosphere.

Then there’s Taghazout Bay, a magnificent modern resort. 

The massive project includes luxury apartments, villas, and riads, as well as exquisite seaside hotels. Taghazout Bay, which opened in 2011 as part of the Azur initiative, aspired to become an international benchmark for beach tourism. 

It was successful! https://www.taghazoutbay.ma/

A range of activities

You will not get bored while in Taghazout!


There is, of course, surfing. The quality of the waves at Killer Point and Anchor Point will amaze experienced surfers, while beginners can enjoy the gentle waves at Panorama and Banana Beach. Taghazout is also known as a Yoga destination. Professionally led lessons can be enjoyed from a terrace overlooking the bay or on the sand.

Taghazout also has its fair share of thrills, including jet ski and sailing excursions, paragliding, and scuba diving.

Do you prefer relaxing holidays? The broad golden beaches invite you to soak up the sun, play in the warm sand, and swim in the clear blue ocean. You may also take a peacefull stroll along the Corniche, a promenade that connects the Village to Imourane beach, practice gymnastic exercises there, and enjoy a spectacular sunset from the top of the reefs.

Did you know?

Foreigners have always desired Taghazout Bay. The Spaniards took Timzguida Allal and renamed it La Madrague at the beginning of the nineteenth century. They have established a small port and fish processing plants there because they recognized its fishing potential. For years, the remnants of buildings that were demolished in 2014 marked the entrance to Anchor Point and Madraba Beach.


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