Aglou, the Desert Beach

Aglou, the Desert Beach

Aglou, 15 kilometers west of Tiznit, is the pearl of the Souss-Massa Region’s south. Here, the white sandy beaches stretch as far as the eye can see, and are surrounded by steep reliefs and magnificent dunes. The beach of the main village is widely served by all amenities and is bordered by a long corniche suitable for walks. The ideal combination of natural beauty and comfort for a memorable vacation.

A wonderful vacation resort that will entice both lovers of serenity by the sea and those in search of adventures.

Between sea and desert

Aglou, a Sahara-like place, is distinguished by the diversity of its nature, which includes wild beaches, vertiginous cliffs, almost inaccessible coves, and dunes shaped by the Sahara wind.

In the heart of this patchwork, the fishing village of Aglou has become a highly desirable beach resort. Its beach is distinguished by its white sand and calm waters. With its white houses and peaceful environment, the town is excellent for family vacations away from the main urban areas.

The place also has caves dug by ancient fishermen, some of which have been transformed into seaside cottages.

What to do in Aglou?

You may already relax in front of the sea and frolic on the beaches’ pleasantly warm sand. You can also surf all year round in Aglou, go scuba diving, or creek fishing. A water park with sophisticated facilities is also available.

Aglou is especially suitable for family walks due to its wild sanctuaries. Cross the beach and its surroundings, which are full of surprises, on foot, on a horse, or a camel. Take a quad or 4X4 excursion to distant places which will please you, and then follow the coastal road to the dunes.

A paragliding adventure from the nearby cliffs may interest the more adventurous. Aglou is an outstanding paragliding location due to its climate conditions that suit all skill levels. Several professionals provide their skills on-site, ensuring that all conditions are met for an exciting experience in complete safety.

Did you know?

Aglou is considered the maritime branch of Tiznit. When the city was founded in 1975, the small harbor on the Atlantic coast only had a fishing village. The latter gradually turned into a beach resort with the demographic and economic development of the silver city, giving birth to gorgeous white houses and the sublime corniche.


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