Speleology in Souss-Massa

Speleology in Souss-Massa

The region of Souss-Massa is an ideal spot for caving enthusiasts due to the significance of the discovered limestone outcrops and karst. There are several caves that caught the attention of speleologists from all over the world. It is a scientific expedition that requires permits and special preparation.

Below are the main places to visit:

The Ida Ou Tanane caves

Close to Agadir, Ida Ou Tanane includes various speleological sites, the most important one is the cave of Wintimdouine. A massive underground karst network, one of the longest and deepest in North Africa. The cave is a true labyrinth that spread out on an underground river that feeds Wintimdouine basin.

Other places of considerable speleological importance in the eastern High Atlas include the Assif Al Had Cave, also known as the magic cave (30.747005, -9.476684), and the Tinftah cave, which is home to bats (30.74941, -940414).

The Missalit caves

These Paleolithic-era granite caves, located 7 kilometers north of Tata, are a great exhibition of majestic stalactites and stalagmites. Some caves appear to have been occupied, as indicated by the black traces of soot on the ceilings, while others become wasps’ nests during the summer.


The canyons, which are mostly found in the Lands of Ida Ou Tanane, offer wonderful opportunities for exploration and adventure. For example, the canyons of the Paradise and Tanit valleys, the Tamassint gorges, and the Marwani lakeside.

Noteworthy Mentions

  • Ifri N’Laajb (cave of wonders in Tamazight) near the village of Eddir south of Taroudant (30.29790, -8.47164).
  • Ifri N’Oughi (cave of the calf in Tamazight) near Tasserga, very close to Igherm (30.053847, -8.575226).

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