Wintimdouine is located on the outskirts of Imouzzar Ida Ou Tanane. It is a spectacular natural wonder that is well worth the journey. The place is around 70 kilometers from Agadir and is home to North Africa’s deepest underground cave. Its lakes feed a natural basin that opens immediately onto the cliff!


A world-class speleology site, Wintimdouine is also a fantastic holiday destination with a spectacular perspective of the region. You can have a picnic in perfect peace here, around a delicious charcoal-cooked tagine, while viewing the lovely scenery and sipping a pleasing cup of honey tea…

A Hidden Spot

Can you imagine a better site to connect with nature than in the center of the foothills of the High Atlas at 1600m, away from the noise, among the argan trees, on the edge of a natural basin, in front of a stunning landscape Nonetheless, there will be no crowds in Wintimdouine! The location is remote, and you’ll have to hike up a steep slope to get there.


When you arrive, you will meet Ssi M’bark, a kind local who will welcome and offer you a refreshing glass of tea. Take a seat, put down your phone, and enjoy the moment!


Relax and fill up on positive vibes under the shade of the argan trees, cradled by the flow of water. You can even go swimming in the basin on the edge of the mountains. Then relax after a nice tagine prepared by Ssi M’bark and take a nap in the pleasant mountain breeze. The more daring can even set up a camp and spend the night under the stars.

Speleological Paradise

The cave of Wintimdouine is a deep underground network with an underground river and numerous water pockets. The cave, which stretches for approximately 20 kilometers, is a magnificent natural marvel that piques the interest of speleologists all over the world.


Indeed, the platform is frequently visited by scientists who do extensive research within its galleries. Crustaceans, isopods, beetles, snails, and depigmented spiders without eyes or ocelli live in these environments, which are sometimes endemic. These investigations contribute to a better knowledge of subsurface life.

Did you know?

Imouzzar Ida Ou Tanane’s other attraction is not only Wintimdouine. The magical cave of Assif Al Had (30.74687, -9.47619), which is distinguished by the height of its galleries and its skylight, can be found in the region. We also can mention Tinftah Cave (30.74941, -9.40414), which is home to bat colonies. While traveling through the valley, stop by Al Marouni Lake, located at an elevation of 1300 meters.


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