Discover the Magical Desert of the South


This trip will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore secret locations, enjoy the sun, appreciate various scenery, and sleep beneath clear skies during a six-days tour.


This tour consists of seven steps, and you will need six days to enjoy the its wonders.

Day 1

Step 1

You will begin your day traveling from Agadir to Taroudant, where you will discover the Medina’s high ramparts, the Souks inside it, as well as the history and stories of its pottery and handicrafts. After that, you can try authentic Moroccan food and relax in the evening.

Day 2

Step 2

Travel to Tiliouine the following morning. Taliouine is located halfway between Taroudant and Ouarzazate, between the Atlas Mountains and the foothills of the Anti-Atlas. Taliouine is considered the African center of saffron. You can also visit the Glaoui Kasbah, which will make you feel like you’re in a historical movie. In the background, the Kasbah of Glaoui, located on the right side of the road traveling from Taliouine to Ouarzazate, is particularly beautiful, contrasting with the last slopes of the Anti-Atlas… It was previously the residence of Marrakech’s great governor, El Haj Thami El Mezouari El Glaoui, a famous leader of the Moroccan Glaoua tribe known as the “Lord of the Atlas.”

Day 2

Step 3

After approximately 30 kilometers, when you take the road leading to Tazenakht, turn left towards Assais. There are two paths leading at the exit of the village. Once there, turn left to enjoy the Tisguit cliff’s attic. It’s a fantastic view! Over two-kilometer, volcanic peaks frame the river’s bed. You will descend into the gorges following the riverbed and the drains; the countryside’s peaceful environment can be seen ahead. The summits then appear, and the view becomes increasingly stunning. Arriving to Tazenakht where you will dine, and then plan for the following day’s adventure.

Day 3

Step 4

On this day you will learn about Tazenakht and what makes life there so special. Key attractions include gardens, local artists, and the old Kasbah. You’ll then proceed to Foum Zguid to see Ksar Allougoum.

Day 4

Step 5

Depart from Foum Zguid for a night in Chegaga, Morocco’s biggest sand dunes, and for a visit to Iriqui Lake. Here, you can find fossils and watch migratory birds. The following morning you will return to Foum Zguid.

Day 5

Step 6

Time to pay a visit to Tissint and Tata. Also, worth viewing are the salt waterfalls, Ksar Tissint (a fortified village), the Tata palm grove, and the Agouliz gorges. Tissint (salt in Berber) is a small town located 69 kilometers east of Tata, famous for its salt waterfalls, where going for a swim will definitely refresh your mind and body.

Day 6

Step 7

After breakfast the following day, head back towards Foum Zguid.


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