The discovery of rock art in Tata


Tata is located in the south of Morocco, 300 kilometers south-east of Agadir. It is situated at the heart of a large Oasis irrigated by three wadis (rivers) that flow from the Anti-Atlas Mountains.

The Ministry of Cultural Affairs has compiled a comprehensive list of the Kingdom’s cultural wealth, where Tata region is represented by rock art sites that provide access to pre-Saharan art in the form of representations engraved on rocks.


Several archeological explorations were conducted before the discovery of the Saharan art sites. These excavations led to the discovery of locations in isolated areas that included art engraved on rocks and walls. Human figures, knights and horses, wild creatures and birds are illustrated in these artworks.


Tata offers various venues for beginners and experts of rock art to discover the wonders of this region up close. The Jbel Bani site is the most well-known in the region, but there are other sites worth mentioning, such as Assif Tadakoust, Oum El Alk, Metgourine, and more.

How to get there?

Rock art sites are typically found in remote, difficult-to-access locations, since these sites are also protected by local authorities. It is recommended to visit these sites with archaeologists or professionals in the field.


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