The Medina of Tiznit

Tiznit, the Jewel

Tiznit, located between the sea, the Sahara, and the mountains, is one of Souss Massa’s natural wonders. The silver city, known for its history and cultural heritage, was founded in 1882 by Sultan Moulay al-Hassan and is both authentic and modern. Its ramparts cover an ancient medina where craftsmanship has been practiced for almost a century and a half. The medina is home to architectural marvels as well as kind and inviting locals, in addition to silver jewelry. Furthermore, because of its great location between the Anti-Atlas and the Atlantic coast, the city has a pleasant weather.


All the elements are there to guarantee an extraordinary city getaway, from which you will not leave empty-handed!

A stroll that exudes serenity

Tiznit’s walls are an attraction themselves, crenellated in ocher and pink. The 8-meter-high wall is bordered by 56 towers and pierced by 5 gates. The escape begins at the gate of Bab Jdid. From there, continue to Place Al Michouar, which is located beside Dar al-Makhzen (the former royal residence) and is the heart of the medina, where there are many handicraft stores.


Through the alleys, make your way to Ain Aqdim, a source from which the city was built. The Bleu Spring, located between the pond and the garden, is a relaxing area with a unique atmosphere, especially in the evening. A few yards away are two architectural marvels: The Great Mosque and the Kasbah of Aghanaj. The first is notable for its tower bristling with wooden poles, similar to Timbuktu’s minaret in Mali, while the second is a massive 19th-century fortress that currently hosts a museum and a cultural complex.


Then head to Bab Lakhmiss for an amazing sunset. From the top of the of the ramparts, you will have the privilege of enjoying a magnificent panoramic view of Targa’s market garden.

Silverware, the art of elegance

Goldsmithing is ancestral in Tiznit, and craftsmen have been able to follow the evolution of jewelry while retaining the region’s unique touch.


The city has around 150 jewelers, who sell a wide range of ornaments, cases, bracelets and necklaces, daggers, in addition to the famous Tazerzit “fibulae”. You will undoubtedly fall in love with many pieces while strolling in front of the shops. Enjoy your time while there. Prices are affordable, and the quality is always excellent. You can also personalize your jewelry when making an order. Since the artisans are so skilled, no request is rejected!

Did you know?

When the 1912 protectorate treaty was signed, Tiznit witnessed the emergence of a resistance movement led by Moulay Ahmed Al Hiba Maa Al Ainine, known as the Blue Sultan. Supported by the tribes of the Souss and the Sahara, Al Hiba led a huge army towards Marrakech to resist the protectorate’s authorities, but he was defeated by the French at the battle of Sidi Bou Othmane north of the ocher city. He eventually took refuge in the Anti-Atlas, where he continued the resistance until his death from an illness in 1919.


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