Ait Mansour Valley

Ait Mansour Valley

The valley of Ait Mansour emerges in the middle of the rocky slopes of the Anti-Atlas, 30 minutes from Tafraout, and stands out from the Martian environment that surrounds it. A vegetation haven at the bottom of a majestic pink Canyon, whose color is nuanced by the sunrays.


The result is landscapes that are as varied as they are fascinating, and it is a wonderful route for hiking and reconnecting with nature. Exploring the Ait Mansour Valley, its gorges, and towns is an invitation to have a wonderful family vacation highlighted by a truly unique human and cultural experience.

The hidden paradise

It would be difficult to describe the Valley of Ait Mansour since each location is unique. But one thing is certain: the location is absolutely magnificent. Lush flora stretches as far as the eye can see between rocky and arid slopes, impresses with its beauty and calm environment. Palm trees, almond trees, and olive trees coexist, sharing the water that runs through a sophisticated irrigation network.


Authentic villages emerge here and there, marked by its traditional architecture. Some structures stick together like a big apiary on the walls of the gorges. A construction style that fully incorporates all of the expertise and way of life of which the region’s tribes are known for.


The viewpoint at the top of the gorges provides astonishing views. The sun reverberates off the massive boulders, illuminating the valley and villages. The ambient tone shifts over time, and the color of the cliffs changes from bright pink to dark ocher, nuanced by gray tones.

Stroll between greenery and cliffs

The Ait Mansour Valley offers hikers unique routes for all skill levels. Set off peacefully on foot to explore the fields shaded by palm trees, following the intertwined water channels. You can also cross the oasis on a mountain bike for an adrenaline rush, or on a mule ride for an exotic experience. The most adventurous will climb the gorges’ vertiginous cliffs and discover the architectural marvels.


Your vacation will also be defined by interactions with a friendly and hospitable population that has preserved the authenticity of its culture. No matter how you choose, the experience will be unforgettable and will always leave a lasting impression on you. The valley provides a beautiful setting for picnics and camping.

Did you know?

The valley of Ait Mansour is located in the Afella Ighir region, which is known for the uniqueness of its authentic villages. That of Gdout is famous for its welded buildings, which are sometimes adjacent and sometimes overlapping. The area is also a starting point for archaeological sites such as rock engravings of the Oukkas plateau.


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