The Rocks of Tafraout

The Painted Rocks

South of Tafraout, a massive pink granite plateau forms reliefs and slopes that contrast with the mountainous background. Rocks stand out in this Martian environment for their uniqueness and thickness. One is located at the center of a centuries-old village, while the Painted Rocks and the Rock of Agadir N’Tfraout are unique pieces of art.


Only 30 minutes from Tafraout’s center, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive visual experience surrounded by stunning and different landscapes. The two sites are easily accessible by car, bicycle, or even on foot. It is an exciting adventure to be shared with family or friends.

A Large-Scale Masterpiece

In 1985, the Belgian artist Jean Vérame found inspiration for his astonishing work in the center of granite blockfield, a few kilometers from Tafraout. He colored the rocks of this desert region, mainly using a lot of blue paint. The surrealist work is filled with colors in the middle of a mineral universe, giving birth to psychedelic scenery.


Although these rocks appear strange from a distance, the beauty emerges as you approach and climb them. The work is spectacular, especially at dawn and dusk, when the shining light gives the artwork exquisite pink and purple colors. 


The attraction, easily accessible, invites you to follow its routes during hikes, and especially to camp and spend the night in the midst of these spectacular multicolored behemoths.

Napoleon's Hat

Aguerd Oudad is a wonderful centuries-old village that has been preserved over the decades. If visiting the village is a vital cultural and human experience in itself, the sites are also home to an amazing rock formation that arouses curiosity and wonder.


The locals call it Agadir N’Tfraout, and it towers over the village and the surrounding palm grove. Its shape and location are so unique that this natural art appears to be from another world. Tourists refer to “Le Rocher” (The Rock) as Napoleon’s Hat.


After seeing this magnificent monument, go through the village streets and meet the friendly locals.  You will certainly be invited to a tasty refreshing cup of tea under the huge granite.

Did you know?

The Tafraout Rocks are among Morocco’s oldest rocks, dating back to the Earth’s early geological history. Nature has sculpted these rocks into unique shapes throughout the centuries. Natural conditions gradually rounded the corners as the stone was broken into blocks. This is why the stones appear to be piled randomly risking falling at any time.


In addition to the mentioned rocks, the site offers a network of mysterious rock sculptures that inspire visitors to see familiar forms: animals, objects, faces…


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