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Souss Massa’ Beaches

The maritime front of the Southern Massa Region is known around the world for its warm climate and seaside gems. Over more than 200 kilometers, the magnificent shoreline is a patchwork of contrasted reliefs, punctuated by sumptuous white sand beaches. From Imsouane in the north to Aglou in the south, these beaches provide an idyllic setting for relaxing vacations while also offering a variety of entertaining activities!

Depart from Agadir to explore unknown places, including fishing villages, bays, and sand dunes.

Urban Pearls

Agadir, the capital of Souss Massa, is also the Kingdom’s seaside tourism capital. Its coastline extends for 6 kilometers from the Royal Palace to the Marina. The bay is surrounded by the famed Tawada Corniche, which is lined with hotels, cafes, and restaurants. Anza Beach, located 10 kilometers from the city center, is a small bay that is home to a very rare attraction: 323 recognized dinosaur footprints!

At the base of the High Atlas

The road trip begins on Aourir beach, 14 kilometers north of Agadir. The beautiful beach, named Banana Beach after the village’s banana plants, has a twin sister: Imourane. The two beaches provide a pleasant site for fishing and surfing, particularly around Devil’s Rock. After that, you arrive in Taghazout, with its 17 beaches, the hamlet, the Madraba, and the Source.


At 27 kilometers, you will come across two beaches that are inseparable yet different. First is Imi Ouaddar and its old fishing port, followed by Aghroud and its colorful buildings. The two beaches cover 2.5 kilometers of pure nature, magnificent hikes, and refreshing swims. Tiguert features a wild beach good for scuba diving; where Laatrouse Beach, a hidden spot, is located


The coast then leads towards Tamri, where a little beach nestles in the center of the village, distant from the tumults. Tamri is also a very exposed swell surf area. The tour ends at the famous bay of Imsouane, a refuge for surfers and adventure enthusiasts, after passing by the calm beach of Tildi.

Wild Heaven

The beaches south of Agadir are less popular than those in the north due to their wild nature and the strong currents.


The major beaches of the Souss Massa National Park include Tifnit, Sidi R’bat, and Sidi Wassay. This is complemented by the desert airs of Sidi Toual, as well as Douira, the narrow yet sublime paragliding stronghold.


Then, 96 kilometers from Agadir, Aglou enters the view, and the Anti-Atlas takes place. Aglou, in addition to its conveniences, peaceful air, and exhilarating charm, has a surfing and paragliding spot.


The journey ends in the south at the beach of Sidi Bou Lfdayel. This Arcadian beach, surrounded by small rocky and rough massifs, has a natural quay for local fishermen. This makes it the most adventurous beach on the list!


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