Imsouane – The Hidden Paradise

The Hidden Paradise

Imsouane, a hidden paradise, is now attracting everyone with its beaches and atmosphere. A little community located 1h40 from Agadir along the coast, the place is popular among water sports enthusiasts as well as those who appreciate wild nature and quiet.

Staying in Imsouane guarantees a one-of-a-kind experience on unique beaches, in the middle of stunning landscapes, and in the company of a kind and generous people. 

With family, friends, or even alone, discover this natural jewel that spreads serenity and tranquility. Allow yourself to be enticed by the variety of activities available for a journey out of this world.

A Blue and Golden Paradise

Imsouane is a lovely mountainous town that opens onto a little cove of the Atlantic Ocean. This bay is divided in two side, one of which hosts the traditional fishing port, the main source of income for the locals. The beaches are perfectly maintained, and the clean waters are a vibrant blue with turquoise reflections. The sand is fine and golden, sometimes stony.

Before arriving in Imsouane, pull over on the side of the road at 30.835262, -9.800294, and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the bay and village.

The landscape is breathtaking, and special attention is dedicated to the colorful sunsets, which may be seen from the beach and, especially, from the top of the reefs. 

At night, a celestial veil falls over this lovely environment, transforming it into a haven of peace and hospitality.

Surf YES, but not only!

Imsouane is the place to go at least once in your life. Its fame derives from the quality of its waves, which are quite long and straight, making them ideal for surfers of all skill levels. Lines that pile in the bay gracefully wrap around the port. Something to dazzle any surfer, from the inexperienced to the true professional.

Did you forget to bring your surfboard, or do you want to learn to surf? No worries! There are various Surf Shops and schools in the village that will offer you equipment and accompany you during your sessions.

Imsouane Bay is also a great area to spend calm family vacations away from the city. Go for a walk on the fine beach or between argan and fig trees, or simply sunbathe beneath a dazzling sky. 

If surfing isn’t your thing, you can try paragliding from the top of the reefs or even scuba diving. 

Did you know?

The Timlalin Dunes are meant to be a natural marvel worthy of a series of photos, located about 25 kilometers south of Imsouane. These are dunes that appear to be placed by magic above twenty-meter-high reefs facing the sea.


The photoshoot here is simply exceptional due to the panoramic view and the abundant light. When viewed from the appropriate angle, the landscape creates the impression that you are in a desert on the sea!


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