A Weekend of Sports by the sea


Turned into a surfers’ paradise, Imsouane is a beautiful fishing village located at the end of a long winding mountain road near the Atlantic Ocean. Here, the time stands still. This plan will provide a flexible structure for an enjoyable weekend spent in Imsouane for those less accustomed to such time frames.

Step 1

Agadir - Tamri - Imsouane

Departing from Agadir, take the road to Tamri, also known as the Village of Bananas, along the Atlantic coast, with spectacular views of wild beaches and cliffs. You pass through several familiar towns, including Taghazout, Imi-Ouaddar, and Cape Ghir, with its spectacular lighthouse. Discover the banana plantation farm and the souk in Tamri. You can also spend an enjoyable time on site by participating in a variety of activities. Sandboarding or sand surfing in the region’s cliffs, camel or horse riding in the region’s dunes, or a simple picnic to experience the local Amazigh cuisine that will make your visit memorable. After enjoying the sunset over the dunes, continue on the Atlantic road to Imsouane, a secret treasure hidden behind the mountains where you can spend the night by the sea in one of the region’s hotels or guest houses.

Step 2

Imsouane - Agadir

Nothing beats a morning surf to start the day, especially in such a beautiful place. Wake up at sunrise on your first morning in Imsouane and have a healthy smoothie at one of the port’s artistic cafés. The long waves, which can reach up to 800m, attract both beginners and pros. The area’s numerous surf shops offer a wide range of boards for all skill levels, and some of them offer surf lessons.


After a morning in the water and a refreshing shower, join the local fisherman at the port for some of the best seafood meals you’ve ever had. Nothing beats interacting with the local surfers in the evenings. With welcoming locals, visitors, and expats all living the “surf, eat, sleep, repeat” lifestyle, you’ll never be far from a familiar face in this city. Expect a laid-back vibe with nice couches, delicious pizzas, good music, and campfires. Some restaurants also host movie night including surfing-themed movies. Return to your hotel in Agadir at the end of this sports’ weekend to rest before continuing your adventure in the lovely region of Souss Massa in the remainder your stay.


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