Anchor Point: the most legendary wave in Morocco


Anchor Point is Morocco’s most famous wave. This is a long, straight point that borders a rocky plateau, with hollow sections and ample space for high-performance surfing. Its convenient position in Taghazout and consistency during winter makes it the region’s surfing hotspot. To avoid the crowds, there are at least four world-class rest areas within driving distance. Anchor Point can take up to three times its size, making it a must-see.

The types of waves

Outside, the wave peaks in front of rock point with a small take-off area. Depending on the tides, it offers many sections of pitch and barrels as it descends along the line. The paddle out can be scary, requiring a well-timed jump from slippery rocks. Unskilled surfers may hesitate and be doomed. Just like other Moroccan sites, low tide is necessary. At high tide, even a substantial wave might become inconsistent and soft. The lower the tide, the better and deeper it is.

How to get there?

Take national route 1 north from Agadir (coastal road); the spot is at few hundred meters after Taghazout. The trip takes 40 minutes from Agadir and 3 minutes from Taghazout. It may take longer during the summer due to traffic.


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