Fishing in Souss-Massa

Fishing in Souss-Massa

The Souss-Massa Region is home to leisure and sportfishing spots, both on the coast and inland. Rich fish waters, a stable climate, and diverse landscapes provide the ideal setting for fishing adventures.

Coastal fishing

The coast of Souss-Massa, both north and south of Agadir, is recognized for the abundance of fish in its waters providing excellent fishing locations. These locations are divided into two categories:

  • Fishing from the sand (beach): Especially at Agadir, Anza, Tamraght, Imourane, Sidi Taoul, and around the Oued Souss’s mouth (Souss river). Enjoy the peaceful sessions by the sea during the low marshes, especially at dusk.


  • Fishing from the cliffs is both productive and exciting than fishing from the beach. It has plenty of surprises and thrills to offer, whether from the top of the reefs or by scuba diving. Fish are abundant in the south of Agadir, particularly in Tifnit, Douira, Sidi Rbat, Aglou, and Sidi Boulfdayel. However, in the north of Agadir we can mention the following towns of Anza, Tiguert, and Tamri.

Inland fishing

The Souss-Massa Region also has multiple Black Bass sport fishing routes. The water bodies, which are surrounded by diverse landscapes, are home to vast numbers of Black Bass, as well as the largest specimens in Morocco. Fishing is allowed at the lakes of Tamri’s Moulay Abdellah, Taroudant’s Abdelmoumen Mouahidi, Ait Baha’s Ahl Souss, and Tiznit’s Youssef Ben Tachafine.

No-Kill regulations apply to black bass fishing. Each specimen caught must be returned to the water immediately, free and alive, at the exact location where it was caught. The majority of the locations are in the Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a result, the fishing sessions are subject to strict guidelines. Contact the Moroccan Black Bass Union at [email protected] for additional information.


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