Swimming and fishing while on a boat trip


A boat cruise is an activity not to be missed during your stay in Agadir. It is a nice activity for lovers of nautical activities, for people who wish to discover the bay of Agadir, or those who wish to get away from the stress of everyday life, and enjoy a spectacular moment in the Atlantic Sea.

During your vacation, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities after sailing from the port to Agadir Marina. For starts, enjoy the amazing sights of the city from a different perspective, you will then move on to introductory fishing sessions for beginners where the equipment is provided while accompanied by professional crew members. The lunch break follows, giving you a chance to taste various fish and seafood. Right after, enjoy a swimming session. For that, remember to bring your swimsuit. You may swim, dive, sunbathe and relax in complete tranquility while enjoying the sea. You will return at the end of the day, appreciating the beauty of the sunset in the middle of the ocean.


This activity is a moment of unwinding and pleasure for people of all ages, especially with family or friends.

How to get there?

Upon arrival to Agadir, head to the Marina’s port. On-site, several providers are in charge of organizing such adventures and will offer you various options for boat excursion. Some agencies provide full service including hotel pick up/drop off. Do not hesitate to ask your hotel for additional information.


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