Mountain biking in Tafraout


Enjoy the warmth of Souss Massa and the cool breeze of its mountains. Tafraout and its surroundings provide one-of-a-kind setting where to enjoy cycling like never before. Long treks in the Atlas Mountains will make you feel fresh, in return boosting your sense of freedom. Below are some sights to see while biking around Tafraout

Desert Painted Rocks

You can reach this location, known as “Les Rochers bleus – The Blue Rocks”, through a path on the right, not far from the village of Aoussift, about 8 kilometers from Tafraoute. 

This Art was created by the Belgian artist Jean Vérame in 1985. He used a lot of paint, mainly blue, to color the rocks on this parched spot. This work has been revamped in order to keep it surreal and colorful in the heart of a mineral universe sought after by individuals looking for a camping spot.

Ait Mansour’s Gorges

Beautiful sightings alongside the road which leads south of Tafraoute to the palm grove of Ait Mansour. This spot will leave you with lasting impressions and unforgettable moments during your visit. The arrival is in an oasis surrounded by giant rocks stretching alongside a stream. In the fall, the palm trees are full of dates. The gorges are great for recharging one’s energy, as they are uncrowded and offer a sense of tranquility.

Youssef Ben Tchefine’s Dam

The largest dam in Souss Massa region is called Youssef ben Tachafine, where you can watch birds in the Atlas Mountain and enjoy the stunning aerial views. This dam is quite spectacular, especially from the observation points that provide a panoramic view of the retaining structure, the surroundings, and the surface of stagnant lake. 


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