Jbel Lkest, the Guardian of Tafraout

The Guardian of Tafraout

Jbel Lkest, north of Tafraout, is the Western Anti-Atlas’ backbone, protecting the famed Ammeln Valley. The pink massif is big and steep, reaching an elevation of 2370m and ranking among the highest anti-Atlas summits. Its reliefs, which are covered with wild flora, are made of hard protruding sandstone known as quartzite. Places as capricious as they are fascinating, offer a breathtaking 360° view from the summit.


Trekkers can discover this massif located between the lands of Achtouken and Ammeln.

Natural ramparts

At an elevation of 2370m, Jbel Lkest dominates the region and serves as a natural border between the Provinces of Tiznit and Chtouka Ait Baha. The massif, which is generally Quartzite, is characterized by eroded rocks and steep scree, as is almost everywhere in the Anti-Atlas. In the north, the highest mountain is Afa n’Tmezgadiwin, whose ridge runs for nearly 35 kilometers. The lower part of the mountainous group is home to the summit of Udem Ugerzam, where you can see the mythical Lion’s head from the Ammeln Valley.


The view from Jbel Lkest’s summits is spectacular. It opens up to various landscapes of valleys in the south and mountains in the north, with the Saharan horizon far to the south and west in the background.

The exploration of Jbel Lkest

The adventure begins at Tagdicht, about 30 minutes from Tafraout. You’ll walk across steep rocky paths, stony slopes, and narrow valleys as you follow twisting routes. During this enjoyable tour, you will certainly come across the area’s small mammals and reptiles, as well as the magnificent eagles, hawks, and owls.

The tours are within everyone’s reach, although they are not signposted. Therefore, it is extremely advised to travel with a guide. It takes 7 to 8 hours of walking to climb and descend the summit with a height 1000m.

Climbing enthusiasts would enjoy Jbel Lkest as well. It has a few interesting but unequipped walls.

Jbel Lkest can be climbed within a day. It can also be done in stages over several days, crossing the massif to reach the lands of Ida Ougnidif on the northern slope.

Did you know?

Jbel Lkest’s reliefs are filled with many tree species famous for their resistance. Among them is the Atlas Pistachio tree, a naturally regenerated fruit tree with tenacity and endurance.


Its resin has been used for many years in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It is also effective as an antiseptic, antifungal, and pain reliever. As a result, the Atlas pistachio tree is one of the trees from which you can draw a remedy!


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