Souss Massa picnic areas


If you want a picnic spot, look no further, Souss Massa region has locations where the sun shines regularly and the options for beautiful sights are limitless. Picnic options are countless in the region, ranging from serene to bustling and exciting. The following are some of the best picnic sites in Souss Massa:

Olhão Garden

The calm atmosphere is enhanced with green corridors, walkways, and water areas. One of Agadir’s most attractive parks and green places is the Olhao garden, often known as the Portuguese garden. The structures are influenced by the Souss Massa region’s Amazigh architecture.

Taroudant’s Cave

A hidden gem for picnics by the water. A 1 km road connects it to Taroudant, which is 25 kilometers away. After a 10-minute hike, you’ll reach the gorge where the cave is located. The source, which is dominated by a 15-meter arch, flows into one of the numerous irrigation channels which irrigate the nearby palm grove.

Tiout Palm Grove

The Amazigh name Tiout means “camel hump.” Tiout’s palm grove is a Moroccan oasis in the Anti-Atlas that covers 1000 hectares. You can enjoy a picnic there and spend a wonderful time in the refreshing environment among the region’s fruit trees, such as palm trees, argan trees, and carob trees.

Douar Tizgui N’cherfa

It is a beautiful site perfect for a vacation near the cave of Win-Timdouine or the cave of the lakes in Tamazight. It is Africa’s largest cave, with more than 19 kilometers of galleries that have only been discovered in 1950. This vast underground network is located on the western part of the Moroccan High Atlas, 70 kilometers northeast of Agadir beneath the Tasroukht plateau, which culminates at 1789 meters. Caving enthusiasts will feel at home! The Tasroukht plateau above the cave provides a beautiful view.

The National Parc of Souss Massa

Visitors can discover an unspoiled coastline with spectacular scenery, including cliffs and coastal paths, dunes, marshes, and steppes. Chtouka Ait Baha is a town in the Chtouka Ait Baha province. It is a reserve dedicated to the preservation of the Sahara’s rich wildlife and the world’s last colony of bald ibis’ birds. It is a unique opportunity to dine in the middle of the wilderness while being completely safe.

Attiq watterfalls

Visit Tissint, 70 kilometers east of Tata on the way to Ouarzazate, for a picnic or a swim among the well-known Attiq waterfalls. Tissint, hidden in a palm grove, is one of the most attractive towns in southern Morocco. Attiq’s majestic waterfalls are in a spectacular setting just minutes from the medina, at the center of a gorgeous desert filled with natural rocks. The Attiq waterfalls’ salty waters are the first thing you will notice. These rivers are named Tissint, meaning “salt” in the Amazigh language. It is a lovely resort, perfect for a picnic. In the summer, swimmers are invited to dip in a large pool beneath the waterfalls.


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