Oasis of Tioute

Oasis of Tioute

Tioute, located about 30 kilometers south of Taroudant, is a green oasis that sticks out like a mirage in the middle of a mineral and arid environment. The place hides many natural and cultural wonders within its countless palm trees, food farms, Kasbah, and authentic village.


Travel with family to discover this amazing paradise, among a welcoming community, and let your children enjoy an exotic and cultural experience.

An Oasis at the base of the mountain

Tioute’s oasis, located in an arid environment, is a lush green maze of cereal fields, fruit trees, and wild palm trees. 

The latter, estimated at around 20,000, protect crops from the region’s blazing sun. An abundant water source irrigates the oasis, where many irrigation canals crisscross the landscape and freshen the air.


The Oasis is occupied by a magnificent Kasbah from the 16th century, whose stones shine in the morning light and fade after dusk. The Kasbah, a former palace of the Caid, recounts Tioute’s glorious past under the rule of the Saadians and offers a breathtaking view of the palm grove and the perched distant villages.

An unforgettable getaway

As you may have guessed, the Oasis of Tioute is great for family vacations. Go on a trip among the stunning palm trees, following the irrigation channels through olive trees, pomegranate trees, orange trees, and carob trees. You can also arrange for a donkey or mule ride which will please the children, who will remember it forever. It is also possible to picnic under an argan tree in the middle of this enchanted nature.

The canals were originally used to power 16 traditional water mills. Only one is still operational today, and can be visited with a local guide.

Climb the hill to the Kasbah at the end of the route. The building has been restored its original architecture, and it currently houses a traditional restaurant. You can taste the delicious local dishes while appreciating the stunning scenery of the oasis and the beautiful hills that surround it.

Did you know?

The palm oasis of Tioute is a natural area rather than a plantation site. There are wild palm trees there, some of which are centuries old. These tree species produce small dates with a bitter taste that is not particularly tasty. Despite this, wild palm trees are protected by law, and cannot be cut down without permission from the appropriate authorities. The palm trees cover the agricultural area and keeps it from drying out.


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