North of Agadir, From One Beach to Another


The beach north of Agadir is home to real pearls, rich in activities and attractions to discover. Treat yourself to a wonderful week between equipped beaches and wild areas especially in September, when the tourist crowds begin to wear off, but the climate remains warm.

Day 1

Agadir – Imourane - Tamraght

Take the spectacular seaside towards the vast ocean after a wonderful morning walk on Agadir’s corniche! After an hour, you will arrive at the first place of your stay: the village of Imourane. You can have lunch in one of the traditional restaurants known for their fabulous tagines and grilled meats. Afterwards, spend the afternoon between Imourane, Banana, and Tamraght beaches. Swimming, sunbathing, pleasant walks, and breathtaking sunsets are all activities to be done.

Day 2

Imourane – Paradise Valley

On the following day, visit Paradise Valley for a mountain getaway. A little palm grove nestles at the center of steep limestone walls alongside a riverbed canyon filled with rock pools, like a little piece of paradise. Labyrinth routes wind across the area, leading to a natural retreat filled with lavender and thyme fragrance.

Return to Imourane for a traditional snack including Amlou, honey, and Tafarnout bread before heading to Taghazout for the night.

Day 3


You can spend an entire week here! The day begins with a tour of the renowned Taghazout village and its intertwined streets and ends with a swim in the bay’s calm waters. You’ll also be fascinated by the never-ending swarm of fishing boats and the forklift that transports them from the water to the rocky harbour.

In the afternoon, visit Taghazout’s Beach Bay and enjoy in the beauty of the place. The vibrant beach, surrounded by a lovely ledge newly installed, is great for swimming and sunbathing. You may also rent parasols and deck-chairs, as well as purchase snacks from nearby shops. In addition to participating in a variety of activities such as Jet Ski, Paddleboard, Flyboard, camel rides and mountain bike trips, surfing lessons, and so on.

If you want to get away from the crowds, go to Anchor Point Beach. Anchor Point is surf area surrounded by reefs, which provides an excellent view for a romantic sunset.

Day 4

Imi Ouaddar - Taghazout

After a morning swim and a nutritious breakfast, go to Imi Ouaddar for a relaxing day at Atlantica Parc, where both the young and old enjoy the various water sports. If you still have energy, go for a swim on the village’s beach; Otherwise, return to Taghazout and spend the rest of the day relaxing and practicing Yoga.

Day 5

Around Taghazout

Another beautiful day is on the way! Choose from one or more beaches within 10 kilometers from Taghazout. Swimming, hikes, watersports, and fine sands are always on the itinerary. A good night’s sleep is then required because a long day is awaiting you.

Day 6 et 7

Tamri - Imsouane

Imsouane is the final stop on the journey. Along the way, stop at Tamri for bird watching near the river’s mouth and Timlalin dunes (30.76661, -9.81988) for a photo shoot. Begin your journey in Imsouane with a one-of-a-kind experience on unique beaches, in the middle of stunning surroundings, and the company of a most welcoming community.

Surfing, paragliding, and scuba diving are available to you to round off the two days in the most authentic seaside resorts of the journey.


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