Road-Trip of Attractions

Taroudannt – Tata – Tissint – Parc Iriqui

Set out to discover many amazing natural and architectural marvels from the Region’s north to the south, and from the foot of the High Atlas to the Sahara. A four-day road trip full of surprises and spectacular landscapes.

Day 1

Taliouine - Taroudant

  • Journey from Agadir: 3h / 187Km
  • Activities: Region Discovery / Strolls / Architectural Attractions

The journey begins in Taliouine, the saffron homeland. After a stroll through the fields of Crocus (the flower that produces the filaments of Saffron), stop by one of the rare spice cooperatives and try a savory tagine with saffron.

Then pay a visit to Agadir n’Ifri, an authentic collective attic nestled in a breathtaking rocky cliff. The day concludes in Taroudant’s medina with a sunset walk and horse-drawn carriage ride around the ramparts of the medina before spending the night in the city.

Day 2

Taroudant – Tleta Tagmoute – Tata – Akka

  • Journey: 4h / 230km 
  • Activities: Trekking / Mountainous Oases / Architectural and Natural Attractions

Take the R109national road towards Igherm in the early morning. From there, follow the Anti-Atlas slopes to Tata via the Tleta Tagmoute oasis. After a stroll through the oasis, visit the Agadir of Ait Kine, a beautifully maintained traditional attic.

Then follow the mountain road back to Tata, stopping at the Messalit caves about 30 kilometers from the city. After a wonderful Tataoui lunch, go to Akka to explore its architectural wonders, including the Minaret of Lalla Baytou Allah and Agadir n’Owzrou. You have the choice to spend the night in a bivouac at Akka or return to Tata for more comfort.

Day 3

Tata – Tissint

  • Journey: 1h / 71Km
  • Activities: Hikes / Oasis / Salt Waterfalls / Bivouac

The journey continues toward the unique Tissint village. Land of salt, the region’s attractions include the traditional village, the wild palm grove, the Kasbah, Charles de Foucauld’s former home, and the Salty Attiq Waterfalls. You can then continue to Akka n’Ait Sidi and its arid highlands. Travel through the small palm grove and then into the nearby moon-like landscapes. Then spend the night in a bivouac on the plateau overlooking the palm grove, enjoying the sunrise and sunset.

Day 4

Tissint – Foum Zguid – Iriqui Park

  • Journey: 1h / 67Km
  • Activities: Handicrafts / Safari / Trekking 4X4


The fourth day of the journey can be spent exploring the Iriqui National Park. Take a tour of the handicraft shops in Foum Zguid and treat yourself to a gorgeous Lagnaa shawl or a wool carpet. This is a must-stopover before beginning the big adventure. Hire a guide and get an off-road vehicle to begin your adventure.

After traveling through a mountain pass in the Jbel Bani foothills, you can explore a wild and arid nature where only acacias and tamarisk trees are spread all over the yellowish-green landscapes. The area is home to rare and unique desert biodiversity and serves as an important stopover for migratory birds. The safari concludes in a bivouac under one of Morocco’s most dazzling skies.


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