The Honey Trail


Cross the Western High Atlas hills to discover a wonderful region full of riches, coastlines, grasslands, and mountains. You’ll be on the “honey trail,” where tasty honey is prepared from a variety of aromatic and therapeutic plants.

Step 1

Take the N1 national road from Agadir to Essaouira. When you arrive in Aourir, “the banana village,” take the provincial road P1001 to the right, towards Alma, Akesri, and Immouzer. This route is covered with argan trees and passes through the mountains and Atlas foothills featuring fascinating geological folds. After Alma, spectacular palm groves beset by verdant valley precipices can be seen. Breathtaking panoramic views indeed!

Step 2

The Valley of Paradise, or “Paradise Valley” is for the most intimate ones. It is a must-see for a refreshing stroll. It is surrounded by hiking routes and you can relax beside its rocky pools and small waterfalls.

Step 3

Before arriving at Immouzzer town, you will pass through several small traditional villages. The waterfalls and natural pools make this site one of the most attractive in the region, located at an altitude of 1,160 meters. You’ll descend along a winding path to start your tour of waterfalls and natural pools. Every Thursday, the weekly souk takes place, villagers riding donkeys to purchase their weekly groceries from the souk is a scene not to be missed.

Step 4

The world’s largest and oldest traditional community apiary is 70 kilometers from Imouzzer. Continue to Tikki, then turn left to Inzerki. 

You can go to the apiary with the community association and try different kinds of honey produced from various plants (euphorbia, lavender, acacia, cedar, Mastic tree, doum palm…etc.). You will also have the opportunity to interact with beekeepers.


  • It is best to visit the honey trail in the spring, autumn, or winter. Because of the drought, the basins are not that full in the summer.
  • The Immouzzer waterfalls do not always flow, that is why they should be visited after heavy rains.
  • Take advantage of the Honey Festival in early May to celebrate one of the region’s main products.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes. The trail is rocky, steep, and occasionally slippery.
  • Bring your swimsuit and a towel.
  • Bring enough water and sunscreen.

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