Souss Massa’s Road of the treasures Fortified Granaries


If you are interested in cultural heritage, this tour is for you. It will take you to the region’s common granaries where you can learn about their history, and their wonderful architecture.


This tour is split into five parts, and you will need five days to enjoy its attractions.

Step 1

On the first day you will be visiting and exploring Tiznit. The scenery is beautiful as it transitions from the desert to the high mountains and finally to the beach. You will descend through the Berber (Amazigh) village and arrive at the beach. The routes are well designed. After that, you will leave the city and hike towards the mountains, where you will discover a breathtaking landscape.

Step 2

The next day, we’ll go to the mountain pass of Kerdous. It culminates at 1100 meters above the Sous plain, where Tiznit is located. The climb provides stunning views of the Anti-Atlas’ pink mountains. Following that, you will depart for Amtoudi. Visit Id Aissa and Aguellouy, two beautifully restored community granaries that will be open to the public. Icht will be your next destination for the night.

Step 3

After exploring the Icht palm grove and the Tamanart valley with its rock engravings, take the road to Tafraoute. The rock engravings are the most notable attraction of this open-air museum. They are spread throughout the valley, often on cliffs, and are true paintings representing a thousand years of pastoral history. The Tamanart Valley’s rock sites are nearly fully linked with the bovine era, which is well recorded throughout North Africa. Visit Tazka, a traditional Berber (Amazigh) home, upon arrival.

Step 4

Travel from Tafraoute to Agadir Tasguent, then to Agadir Iguer n’ghar. Then return to Tafraout on the same road. You may visit the Zaouia and the Timguidcht mosque to enjoy a tour through the gorges of Ait Mansour and Tizerkine.

Step 5

You leave Tafraoute heading towards Tizourgane’s famous Kasbah. Following your visit to this monument, visit Agadir Imchguiguiln, a 700-year-old communal granary in the Chtouka Ait Baha region. Then take the road to Agadir Inoumar, the anti-atlas’ largest collective granary. In the evening, return to Agadir.


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