Road trip in n’Ait Baamrane Land

Agadir – Sidi R’bat – Aglou – Sidi Boulfdayel

South of Agadir, take a breathtaking road adventure through a wild and authentic nature. Rich and exceptionally rare fauna, unbeatable sensations, adrenaline at its maximum, and a diverse landscape; these are the guarantees of a weekend trip to remember!

Day 1

Step 1: Agadir - Souss Massa National Park

  • 20Km via the N1 road then park road / 40Min
  • Activities: Bird watching / Safari


The trip begins at dawn, heading to Agadir to visit the Souss Massa National Park. Follow the arranged tour for half a day and experience an exotic safari rich in sensations, where each stopover highlights its uniqueness and natural treasures. Bring snacks to have in the rest areas. The journey to the Park concludes near the mouth of the Oued Massa, which is home to the iconic Bald Ibis.

The visit is scheduled through the Park’s administration. 

Entrance to the park is located southeast of Al Mazar village (30.28956739629019, -9.56149655794061). An information center is also on-site.

Step 2: Aglou

  • Journey: 50Km via P1016 road / 1h
  • Activities: Surf / Beach / Jet Ski / Strolls


The day continues in Aglou, a beautiful beach resort. After a delicious fish tagine by the sea, treat yourself to a Jet Ski ride or a surfing lesson, or just relax on the beach’s white sand. You can also walk around the area on foot, horse ride, or camel ride, especially at dusk. Choose between the inns in the village and the hotels in Tiznit, located only 20 minutes away.

Day 2

Step 3: Aglou – Sidi Boulfdayel

  • Journey: Off-road 
  • Activities: Excursion / Picnic / Paragliding


Set off in a 4X4 vehicle in the early morning to explore the seaside track and its magnificent landscapes towards the Sidi Boulfdayel surroundings.

You will come across magnificent dunes, steep coves, in addition to wild and unspoiled beaches. At the peak, sit in the shade in one of the seaside areas and have an outdoor lunch.

Then contact one of the region’s paragliding clubs and fly over a wild nature with different features. At the end of the day, visit the Tiznit souks before returning to Agadir via the N1 road.


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