Discovery of the Tafraout Land

Tafraout – Jbel Lkest – Iguerd Oudad – Ait Mansour

Tafraout, a land known for almonds and pink rocks offer spectacular hiking and mountain bike trails. Go on a weekend full of discovery and cultural immersion in one of Souss-Massa’s most beautiful places, between valleys and granite massifs.

Day 1

Tafraout – Ammeln Valley – Jbel Lkest

  • Journey: 3h / 170Km from Agadir 
  • Activities: Valley / Culture and traditions / Trek / Climb

After exploring the lovely village, travel north to the Ammeln Valley. The valley is distinguished by its rocky and green surroundings, authentic buildings, and local customs and traditions. The trails are well-maintained, and the climb takes you through 20 historic villages perched on mountainsides. The village of Oumesnat, which has hanging gardens and a traditional museum which deserves a visit.

The trek becomes increasingly challenging as you approach Jbel Lkest, Tafraout’s protective mountain. After that, you can climb Afa n’Tmezgadiwin or Udem Ugerzam.

Back to Tafraout in the evening, enjoy the city’s quiet atmosphere and indulge your appetite by trying the local cuisine.

Day 2

Iguerd Oudad – Painted Rocks – Ait Mansour Valley

  • Journey: 30Km / 45min 
  • Activities: Hiking / Gorges / Natural Attractions

The exploration of Tafraout’s south begins at Iguerd Oudad, a charming village that houses the famous rock formation known as Napoleon’s hat. Continue south to discover the painted rocks, a work of art scattered in the middle of granite blockfield.

30 kilometers further south, you will arrive at the final destination of the trip: the Ait Mansour Gorges. A beautiful environment hid away, where the canyon’s massive rocks hide a grass-covered valley of palm and fruit trees. A mule ride or mountain bike trip highlighted by picnics and enjoyable encounters.


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