Paradise valley

Paradise valley

Agadir’s hinterland extends over the Western High Atlas foothills and is noted for the beauty of its steep landscapes. One place in this mountain range stands out in particular: Paradise Valley. A little palm grove nestles in the center of steep limestone walls along a riverbed canyon strewn with rock pools, like a small paradise. Labyrinth routes wind across the area, leading to a natural retreat fragrant with lavender and thyme.


To get the most out of the attraction’s potential, here are five things you should know before you go.

What to do?

The rocky pools and hiking routes in Paradise Valley are well-known. You can thus take a walk around the valley, following established pathways through argan trees, junipers, oaks, and acacias. Alternatively, take a trek to the remote corners of the argan biosphere reserve. You can cool off in the valley below by diving into natural pools or under a waterfall. You can also picnic and take a nap there.

Consider investing in beekeeping cooperatives and argan oil production.

When and how to visit?

In the summer, the basins are nearly deserted, and the valley is overrun with tourists. It is, therefore, best to visit the site in the autumn and spring, and especially during the week. The waterfalls are incredibly beautiful from January to March. Several tours are organized by local tourism operators. Remember to leave the place clean after your stay.

How to get equipped?

Good hiking shoes, sunscreen, and water are recommended. 

Bring your bathing suit and a towel if you intend to swim. 

When going on a picnic, don’t bring too much. Traditional dinners are available on site. So, remember to place your order at one of the surrounding restaurants.

How to get there?

Take the seaside route to Aourir, then the P1001 for about 40 kilometers. The scenery along the way is breathtaking, but the road is twisty and occasionally risky, especially at night. A gated parking lot is nearby. Otherwise, go on a planned expedition and enjoy the drive.

It is also possible to take a grand taxi or bus from Agadir to Aourir, then a grand taxi to Imouzzar, indicating that you want to get out at Paradise Valley. But be cautious: grand taxis take a while to fill up, and they are rare after 4 p.m.

Where to stay?

Camping in the wild is severely discouraged. If you want to stay until sunset and thus spend the night, various inns and lodges are accessible.


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