Kasbah Tizourgane

Kasbah Tizourgane

The Kasbah of Tizourgane stands on a rocky peak in Ida Ougnidif’s land, like a queen on a granite throne. The citadel, a centuries-old architectural masterpiece, entices with its beauty together with the historical importance it carries. It is so significant that it has been designated as a national historical heritage since 1995.


The Kasbah of Tizourgane has been rehabilitated to its former glory as a guest house. You will go on a historical adventure that begins in the 13th century and ends with an outstanding sunset by going through its narrow alleyways and pathways. A one-of-a-kind experience that will definitely captivate the interest of both young and old.

An Invulnerable Citadel

The Kasbah of Tizourgane is a fortified citadel built on a hill 40 kilometers from Ait Baha. The Achtouken came here to cut stones to building mills. Over time, the summit of the hill flattened and a citadel was built there named Tizourgane, the mill.


A high wall surrounds the Kasbah, protecting roughly fifty houses and an Agadir. It can only be accessed by a single gate with a watchtower, which is approached by ascending a long stone stairway. A magnificent and formidable structure that bears witness to the brilliance of its ancestors.


The monument is surrounded by landscapes filled with argan and almond trees, which add to the charm of the location. A gentle blend of nature and history, to fully enjoy!

A variety of activities

Tizourgane’s Kasbah has been renovated in accordance with local architectural principles. The property is currently home to an amazing guest house, equiped with all the facilities required for an unforgettable visit focused on leisure and discovery.


After a great traditional dish, explore the citadel’s corners and soak in the atmosphere that reigns there. At night, sip a nice cup of honey tea at the top of the ramparts and enjoy the panoramic views. You can even attend a night performance of Ajmak, the famed Achtouken dance.


Allow yourself to be tempted by a meditation and yoga session in the early morning, then go hiking in the Kasbah’s surroundings. On foot or by mountain bike, you will follow twisting pathways through beautiful countryside, where goats can be seen on the branches of argan trees.


Did you know?

The French army would have besieged the citadel in the 1930s, but they never managed to take it. Soldiers camped around the ramparts for weeks, cutting off all water sources. Legend has it that an old woman soaked her clothes in oil before laying them out in the sight of the soldiers. Believing that it was laundry and that water was abundant at the citadel, the attackers became discouraged and lifted the siege.   


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