Madrasa of Sidi El Haj L’hbib

Madrasa of Sidi El Haj L’hbib

Tanalt, a quiet village in the land of Ait Souab, is located in the far south of the Province of Chtouka Ait Baha, on the North-West slope of the Anti-Atlas. The little douar is located 1h30 from Ait Baha, in the middle of both a harsh and tranquil environment, at an altitude of over 1000m.

Nothing out of the ordinary until you uncover at its heart a lovely building with distinctive waves: The Madrasa of Sidi El Haj L’hbib.

A Renowned Institution

Tanalt Quranic School, founded by Sheikh Lahbib Tanalti Bouchouari, has been instructing religious luminaries for generations and is one of Souss-oldest Massa’s and most respected Madrasas (schools). The Madrasa, a prominent educational institution, is a popular destination for students from the Region as well as from all across the Kingdom. Indeed, the douar’s location provides an atmosphere of quietness and tranquility to the school, in addition to the quality of education. As a result, the students, known as Imhdaren, can devote themselves entirely to learning, far from the urban influence.

The building includes a prayer and teaching room, Fkih (Imam) quarters, and a student dormitory. A beautiful landscape of fruit trees surrounds the school, and the flowers of olive, almond, fig, and pomegranate trees decorate the surroundings seasonally.

For a few days, the little town’s atmosphere shifts and becomes active. Every year, Tanalt hosts a Moussem in honor of the master of the place, which is attended by thousands of followers and merchants of all kind.

The Madrasa and the Msid

Throughout the history of Islam, the mosque, known as Timzgida, has also served as a site of education and training. The mosque is sometimes annexed by the Msid, a huge hall used for learning. Above all, the Holy Quran and its interpretation are taught to children there. Some Msids are converted into Quranic schools, Madrasas, and a variety of theological subjects are added to the curriculum.

Madrasas play an important role in traditional and religious education throughout Morocco, particularly in Souss-Massa. Some, like the Ben Youssef Madrasa in Marrakech and the Marinid’s in Sale, are also notable for their architectural beauty.

Did you know?

Tanalt’s visit is perfectly integrated within the region’s treks and excursions. You might perhaps travel a little further north to visit the little valley of Ait Moussa near Aouguenz. The road also passes through several small villages and breathtaking gorges.


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