Targa N’Touchka Oasis

Targa N’Touchka Oasis

Targa n’Touchka is the only oasis in the Province of Chtouka Ait Baha, nestled in the heart of the mountains. It stands out from the mineral and stony universe that surrounds it, like a mirage, because of the freshness that dominates and the beauty of its landscapes.


The oasis is located in the Anti-Atlas, in the triangle of Ait-Baha, Tafraout, and Tiznit. Because of this, the oasis is an important stop of the treks that pass through the area. You can relax and recharge here before continuing your trip or go for a peaceful timeless walk.

A mountainous wonder of beauty

Targa n’Touchka’s greenery is due to three reasons. The water springs from rocks to the north and run into a small wariver before reaching the irrigation grid. One of these springs is well-known for its medicinal qualities. Legend has it, its waters cleanse the body and dissolve kidney stones!

Targa n’Touchka’s environment is vulnerable, and its decline has a direct influence on the local community. As a result, it is critical to respect the place and not leave any trash behind. Avoid picking fruit unless you are with the owner of the field.

Locals have managed to control the sandy soil and turn it into productive land under the shade of hundred-year-old palm trees. Many fruit trees are therefore added to the greenery collection, adding a distinctive charm to the area.

Family Walk

Targa n’Touchka is great for hiking with the family and is more than just a stopover. The palm grove is, in fact, a luxury labyrinth with highly practical and accessible passages. Explore the Oasis on foot or by mountain bike by following the irrigation canals. There are waterfalls there that are great for cooling off, especially at the zenith.


Guided by the breeze, continue your journey.  You will undoubtedly fall in love with a specific place. Set up camp there and relax with a well-earned picnic.


You can also visit to Tagenza Ifferd, an unusual old building with a view to the valley. You can also visit the village’s souk on Sundays.

Did you know?

The Targa n’Touchka oasis serves as the starting point for various climbs, particularly those to Ait Moussa. Further west, the Boutboukalt spring (29.81392, -9.29415) and the Youssef Ben Tachefine Dam National Park may be found. You can also climb the legendary Afan Ntzimgadwine, whose altitude exceeds 2000 meters.


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