The beaches of the Souss Massa Natural Park

The beaches of the Souss Massa Natural Park

The Souss Massa National Park extends for more than 60 kilometers along the Atlantic coast south of Agadir. Its coastline features some wild beaches of exceptional beauty that will appeal to those seeking peace and a change of scenery. Fine sandy beaches, sometimes bordered by massive cliffs, can take you away from the tumult of tourist beaches and into another seaside experience. These beaches are also known to be rougher than those in Agadir Bay, so remain cautious when swimming there.

Start discovering these unique beaches and the fishing communities that surround them, from the mouth of the Oued Souss to the mouth of the Oued Massa.


The journey begins in Tifnit, a little fishing community 56 kilometers from Agadir on the road to Tiznit. Tifnit is known for its first beach, which is popular with residents, as well as its traditional port, in addition to a wild beach that is unreachable by vehicle for good reasons, this beach is surrounded by reefs and, in particular, a thirty-meter-high cliff.

Surprisingly, the cliff is breached by a variety of caves, which have been transformed over the decades into fishermen’s shelters and eventually into camping lodges. Some are surprisingly well-furnished offering a reasonable level of comfort.

Paragliding by the sea is possible in Diouira, which is 30 minutes south. A high level of adrenaline awaiting!

Sidi R’bat and Sidi Wassay

When you arrive at the mouth of the Oued Massa, Sidi R’bat will greet you for the second stage of your journey. After a walk on the reliefs around the coast, the village overlooks a magnificent beach ideal for sunbathing. Beautiful panoramic views from the cliffs, especially at dusk, when the lights colorsw the old fishing huts with a unique orange. 


The beach of Sidi Wassay, on the other side of the mouth, is the final stage of this journey between sea and reefs. This beach, which stretches for more than 3 kilometers, is a wonderful peace haven with a pristine and agricultural environment.


A peaceful and friendly place that has become a popular nesting site for migratory and wading birds. You will spend wonderful family moments on golden sand, facing a clear blue ocean, between walks, swimming, relaxing, and bird watching.

Did you know?

The town of Sidi Wassay is named after a Saint whose Baraka (blessing) protected the region’s fishermen from the dangers of the sea. Sidi Wassay, true name Abderrahmane Rondi, is buried in a mausoleum set in the rock, beneath a dazzling white dome. Every year, a major Moussem is held to honor this marine protector, combining trade, music, interactions, and spiritual practices.


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