Imchguiguilne and Ikounka, the Igoudar of Ait Baha

the Igoudar of Ait Baha

The Igoudars tell an ancestral history and a rich culture in the Land of the Achtouken. Shops, gathering places, and even sanctuaries, these high points have long been important in the development of tribes.


Two of these architectural masterpieces, Imechguiguilne and Ikounka, are very near to the city of Ait Baha and proudly reflect this unique legacy. The two Igoudar are easily accessible. they are surprisingly captivating by their size as well as the elegance of the artistic details they incorporate.


Only an hour’s drive from Agadir, this is a cultural getaway to another time period to enjoy with family or friends.

Agadir Imechguiguilne

This Agadir, built entirely of dry stone on a rectangular layout, is one of the region’s oldest community granaries, dating back to the 17th century. It is distinguished by a wide corridor that divides it into two blocks of three stories. There are over 100 storage compartments, with the highest accessible via flat stones embedded in the walls.


The majestic structure is surrounded by a strong wall flanked by watchtowers and penetrated by a massive, beautifully decorated door. Aside from the houses, the fortress includes a forge, a mosque, and a big guarded courtyard. A few modest traditional apiaries adorn the landscape, adding to its beauty.


In 2018, the site received extensive renovations using the original architectural techniques. You can explore roughly thirty houses up close, as well as the courtyard and the mosque, accompanied by the guardian. A visit filled with stories and exciting tales that will lead you to find many morals.


Guide and guardian: Saadia Machaitou +212618438162

Agadir Ikounka

A little further west, in the village of Ikounka, is another renovated and equally beautiful Agadir. Agadir Ikounka, while smaller than Imechguiguilne, uses the same architectural style and construction techniques.


It is marked by two towers in addition to the main building, one of which held the Amin’s quarters, and the other, Borj Tindaf, was used for the night watch. Agadir Ikounka is also unique as it was built on a plain compared to the majority of the others, which are built on top of hills or rocky peaks.

Did you know?

The report will teach you about the role of cats in the management of the Igoudar during your visit. The cat was more than a pet to the Amin, whose major function was to protect the huts from the horrible invasions of mice and animals.


The Amin was compensated in kind with an additional share for his cat, which is referred to as  “The Cat’s Ladle.”


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